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dc.creatorOliveira, Evelling Lorena Cerqueira de-
dc.creatorFreitas Júnior, Ruffo de-
dc.creatorAfiune Neto, Abrahão-
dc.creatorMurta, Eddie Fernando Candido-
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dc.creatorRocha, Aline Ferreira Bandeira de Melo-
dc.identifier.citationOLIVEIRA, Evelling L. C. et al. Vascular calcifications seen on mammography: an independent factor indicating coronary artery disease. Clinics, São Paulo, v. 64, n. 8, p. 763-767, 2009.pt_BR
dc.identifier.issne- 1980-5322-
dc.description.abstractPURPOSE: Establish a relationship between vascular calcifications seen via mammography and coronary artery disease, estimate the risk ratios, and investigate the interrelationships between vascular calcification and other risk factors for coronary artery disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This was a case-control study consisting of 40 women with coronary artery disease in the case group and 40 women without any history of coronary artery disease in the control group who were matched according to age. The study was approved by the Institution’s Research Ethics Committee (consent statement was obtained). Odds ratios and confidence intervals were calculated using univariate analysis. Interrelationships among other risk factors, such as arterial hypertension, dys- lipidemia, smoking and diabetes mellitus, were calculated using multivariate analysis. A p <0.05 was considered to be significant for statistical analysis. RESULTS: The mean ages for the case and control groups were 64.65 years and 63.88 years, respectively. In multivariate analy- sis, the only variables related to coronary artery disease were Vascular calcification [OR 4.71 (CI 1.36-16.33) p=0.014], family history [OR 5.76 (CI 1.58-21.03) p=0.008] and arterial hypertension [OR 15.92 (CI 3.12-81.14) p=0.001]. Although smoking and diabetes are important variables in the pathogenesis of coronary artery disease, these factors did not show statistically significant associations in this sample. CONCLUSION: The presence of vascular calcifications seen via mammography was an independent risk factor for coronary artery disease, as were hypertension and a family history of coronary artery disease.pt_BR
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dc.subjectCoronary artery diseasept_BR
dc.subjectVascular calcificationspt_BR
dc.titleVascular calcifications seen on mammography: an independent factor indicating coronary artery diseasept_BR
dc.identifier.doi10.1590/S1807-59322009000800009 -
dc.publisher.departmentFaculdade de Medicina - FM (RG)pt_BR
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