Análise do uso das redes sociais em bibliotecas universitárias brasileiras

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Social networks are today tools that allow institutions a bigger interactivity and communication on company/client relations. On that sense, libraries are seeking to modernize and increasingly utilize the technology to its favor. This study aimed to analyze the usage of social networking by Brazilian public university libraries in providing services to its clients. Thereunto, a descriptive exploratory survey was made using a online questionnaire. The point of observation was the libraries’ managers, with the goal of finding out how social networks are being explored for providing services. In a research universe of fifty-nine libraries, thirty-one was the obtained sample. The data, collected and treated by the Encuestafacil software demonstrated that the libraries are following the tendency for automation and virtualization of products and services. Most of the libraries are utilizing at least one of Web 2.0 resources, evaluating as positive the use of said resources and pointing agility, interactivity and communication as improvements obtained with the social network use. Based on the results it was suggested a classification of the libraries using as a reference the use of the new technologies, obtaining four groups. It was found that the bigger group offers the services on the web in a period that varies between one and three years, has a wider range of provision of services, but still don’t make the daily update of its profiles in the social networks. At last, suggestions for new studies were made.
v. 12, n. 3, set./dez. 2014.
Bibliotecas universitárias, Serviços, Web 2.0, Redes sociais, University libraries, Services, Social networks
RIBEIRO, Adriana; LEITE, Ramon S.; LOPES, Humberto E. G. Análise do uso das redes sociais em bibliotecas universitárias brasileiras. Revista Digital de Biblioteconomia e Ciência da Informação, Campinas, v.12, n.3, set/dez. 2014. Disponível em: <>.