História da educação em Goiás: estado da arte

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It is presented in this text the result of the research of the state of the art, from books, dissertations, and theses, relating to the History of the Education in Goiás. It looks to compose a collection to provide information that characterize the work, as the thematic cutouts and the historic cutouts found in the researches. It’s also noted, re- garding to the publication in the format of books, the elected sources, such as the theore- tical cutout, trough the utilized bibliography. With the information in hands, it was possi- ble to perceive the themes and periods that stand out, as well as noting the existing gaps on the production of the area in Goiás.
Estado da arte, Temáticas, História da educação de Goiás, Periodização, State of the art, Thematics, History of the education of Goiás, Periodization
VALDEZ, Diane; BARRA, Valdeniza Maria Lopes da. História da educação em Goiás: estado da arte. Revista de Educação Pública, Cuiabá, v. 21, n. 45, p. 105-125, jan./abr. 2012.