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    Política de indexação em biblioteca escolar: uma análise das diretrizes utilizadas em unidade da rede de ensino privada de Goiânia, por protocolo verbal
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-14) Souza, Emilly Leticia Vieira de; Oliveira, Lais Pereira de; Oliveira, Lais Pereira de; Silva, Luciana Cândida da
    It addresses the guidelines adopted in school libraries for the elaboration of an indexing policy to the detriment of literature, with a view to the type of information unit and its focus of service. It aims to analyze and point out, based on the literature review in the area, the main aspects to be considered in the process of elaborating a policy for the school library. It is characterized as an exploratory-descriptive, qualitative research in the form of a case study. It demonstrates through the contextualization of the field of study until the completion of the process of building an institutionalized indexing guideline, and emphasizes the decision-making points and their influences on the development of the school environment. Thus, it highlights the importance of having an indexing policy in school libraries, allowing the conclusion that, in addition to having it, it must be well constructed, detailed enough to cover the entire process and based on a contextual analysis of the environment and the indexing elements with their possible attributions.
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    Trading bot aplicado a criptomoedas: identificação e combinação de indicadores estatísticos para melhor assertividade
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2021-11-04) Borges, João Antônio Moreira da Silva; Silva, Marcel Ferrante; Silva, Marcel Ferrante; Ferreira Júnior, Arnaldo Alves; Roriz, Ataualpa Veloso
    This study aims to identify a combination of statistical indicators optimized for use in a programmable trading bot that provides the best possible assertiveness, to help both novice and more experienced users to profit more consistently in the trade. A selection of platforms and indicators was made, which allowed the application of tests which provided data to be analyzed, and thus, after filtering the information, the expected result was achieved. We use data analysis to identify patterns, concepts of digital document management to make classification and organization, statistics, ROI calculation, and some other tools so that we can achieve the expected result of identifying a configuration capable of allowing the investor to perform their actions, without the obligation to be present during the period, and that bring security to them, with an optimized assertiveness index.
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    Censura e preconceitos em leitura: revisão de literatura e estudo de caso das bibliotecas públicas de Goiânia
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-17) Alves, Julia Veronez Nery Di; Santos, Andréa Pereira dos; Santos, Andréa Pereira dos; Gouveia, José Vanderlei
    This research has as its theme censorship and prejudice in reading from a literature review and case study of the public libraries of Goiânia. It was defined as a general objective to analyze the existence of possible evidence of censorship and prejudice in reading throughout history, based on a literature review and the way in which prejudice in reading can manifest itself in public libraries in Goiânia today. And as specific objectives to understand concepts of prejudice in reading and censorship, verify the manifestation of prejudice in reading and censorship throughout history, identify how prejudice in reading or censorship can manifest itself in public libraries in Goiânia and verify possible cases of prejudices in reading and censorship in Marietta Telles Machado Municipal Library, Cora Coralina Municipal Library and Pio Vargas State Library. The adopted methodology is based on exploratory qualitative research, using bibliographical research together with a case study as a technical procedure. From the analysis of these data, it was verified that there is evidence of prejudice in reading and also censorship of books throughout history, however, there was no evidence of prejudice in reading or censorship in public libraries during the period of the research. However, the case study would need to be deeper from a longer observation, as well as interviews with a greater number of users. When researching censorship and prejudice, another problem was raised, as serious as censorship and prejudice, which consists of the absence of materials in library collections caused by a lack of investment from the public authorities.
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    Centro de documentação e memória Equiplex: um estudo de caso sobre o processo de implantação
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-16) Sousa, Kátia de Aguiar; Santos, Andréa Pereira dos; Santos, Andréa Pereira dos; Moraes, Marizângela Gomes de
    It investigates the implementation process of a documentation and memory center for a pharmaceutical industry, from the project to the organization of the collection. After a conceptual discussion about what these entities are in comparison with other information units, the main elements that characterize the documentation centers in Brazil are presented. Using the conclusions obtained in this debate, and research in the literature on how these units have been studied in our country, questions were elaborated that guided the interviews with the actors involved in the creation of the unit object of study. It is concluded that although there was collaboration from other areas of information, the use of library methods and techniques predominated in the process of organizing the collection of the documentation and memory center.
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    Teia de estereótipos: um estudo sobre a representação do jornalismo nas histórias em quadrinhos do Homem-Aranha
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-09-12) Borges, Eduardo Alves; Oliveira, Lisbeth; Oliveira, Lisbeth; Ramos, Rubem Borges Teixeira
    This monograph has as thematic axes journalism, professional representations of the area, comic books and stereotypes. More specifically, it is about how the sixty years of Spider-Man comics have worked the image of journalism and journalists, based on the characters Peter Parker, John Jonah Jameson, Betty Brant, Norah Winters, Robbie Robertson and Eddie Brock. The study goes through presentations about the concepts of journalism, stereotype and comics, followed by chronologies about the selected journalist characters. Subsequently, there is the culmination of all these elements in the observations of the analysis chapter, supported by bibliographic research and content analysis with a categorical framework with the following divisions of journalistic stereotypes: liar, manipulator, journalist as a renewal, opportunist, good and bad professional. In short, it is possible to see that the journalism presented in the Spider-Man comics shows a need to maintain the status quo combined with a perpetuation of stereotypes that span decades of fictional productions.