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    Nietzsche e o proto-perspectivismo de zur teleologie
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2017-01-19) Dalla Vecchia, Ricardo Bazilio
    By analyzing the collection of notes “Zur Teleologie” this article suggests the existence of a “proto-perspectivism” in the fictionalist concep tion of organism formulated by Nietzsche in the late 1860s. Our investiga tion begins with an exposition of the opposition between Mecanicism and Teleology in modernity, briefly analyzes Kant and Schopenhauer’s positions on it and then contrasts them with Nietzsche’s position.
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    Memes war: the political use of pictures in Brazil 2019
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2020-08-12) Silva, Guilherme Ghisoni da
    In order to analyse pictures shared in WhatsApp groups of Jair Bolsonaro supporters, I will explore the idea that the act of sending someone a picture through social media performs a speech act. Thus we can separate the utterance act (of sending the picture to the receiver in a certain context), the locutionary act (what is said through the pictorial content), the illocu tionary act (what is done by uttering that pictorial content), and the perlocu tionary act (of affecting the receiver). The pictures analysed were collected from January to September 2019, using the WhatsApp Monitor. My main philosophical argument will be in section 3, in which I develop the idea of pictorial speech acts and its conceptual bases. To understand the communi cational role of pictures it is necessary to supplement picture theories (visual semantics) with a communicative act theory based on speech act (visual pragmatics). The development of the general outline of visual pragmatics is the main philosophical contribution envisaged in this paper. My last step it to argue that there are at least three forms of naivety that render the receivers prone to the uptake of the illocutionary act performed: aesthetic naivety, communicational naivety, and epistemic naivety.
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    A teoria espinosana da definição e a crítica à concepção cartesiana de extensão
    (2011-12) Rezende, Cristiano Novaes de
    In this paper, I comment, in the last letters exchanged between Tschirnhaus and Spinoza, the criticism of the latter to Descartes´s notion of extension, and the correlation of this criticism with the spinozistic theory of genetic definition. I propose that such a correlation express, in the physical and logical contexts, the spinozistic solution for the classical problem known as “problem of the One and the Many”, in the ontological context.
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    A natural deduction system preserving falsity
    (2005) Sanz, Wagner de Campos
    This paper presents a natural deduction system preserving falsity. This new system will provide us with means of reviewing a criticism made several years ago by Prior, directed against the semantical definition of logical constants by introduction and elimination rules.
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    Kolmogorov e a lógica de problemas I
    (2012-10) Sanz, Wagner de Campos
    Intuitionistic logical constants are characterized by means of BHK clauses. The “K” is a reference to Kolmogorov who in 1925 had made a proposal for defining intuitionistic logic and which was later extended with the inclusion of ex falso quodlibet principle. In 1932 [Kol32] this principle is present and the author gives a semantics alternative to the one presented by Heyting in 1930. Kolmogorov uses the concept of problem. Here we are proposing a partial analysis of this semantics of problems. We want to show that this semantics involves a logic of actions. We finish by pointing what seems to us to be an open problem in this semantics.