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    Caracterização bibliométrica da autoria e da produção sobre basquete feminino
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-24) Monteiro, Letícia de Castro Silva; Sousa, Wilson Luiz Lino de; Sousa, Wilson Luiz Lino de; Silva, Tiago Onofre da; Flausino, Michelle da Silva
    The following work investigates how the literature in the field of Physical Education approached women's basketball during the time interval between 2018 and 2023. The research focuses on analyzing how the theme of women's basketball was approached, contextualized and understood in the academic literature and scientific research related to Physical Education, with the aim of identifying trends, gaps and developments over this period. The methodology adopted for carrying out this study was descriptive-exploratory. Through this approach, several academic works, scientific articles, these and other relevant sources that discuss the intersection between Physical Education and women's basketball were examined. The analysis was conducted in order to identify research patterns, predominant topics of interest, methodological approaches used and key conclusions present in the literature. The research problem that guided this study was: "How has the Physical Education literature treated, in a comprehensive and contextualized way, the subject of women's basketball?" The main objective was to understand the depth and breadth with which women's basketball was addressed in the academic literature of Physical Education, evaluating whether the analyzed works were able to contextualize the theme in a complete and detailed way. The results of this study may provide a clearer understanding of the prevailing approaches in the academic literature concerning women's basketball in Physical Education, as well as highlight areas that may need further attention and research. In addition, the descriptive-exploratory analysis adopted provides a comprehensive view of research and development trends in this specific field, contributing to a deeper understanding of the dynamics and advances over the analyzed period.
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    Corpo catastrófico: atravessamentos grotescos do corpo queer na fotoperformance
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-18) Martins, Yuri Silva; Nascimento, Ana Reis; Nascimento, Ana Reis; Ferreira, Glauco Batista; Krischke, Ana Maria Alonso
    This research plays a delicious little talk about three tasty, thick and long thematic axes and the brotheragem relationships that can and are established between them, these axes being: the grotesque aesthetics, the queer universe and photoperformance. A beautiful combination. A curious chimera. Throughout the produced text, the possibilities of immersion in each of these nuclei are gossiped and some notes on how they all penetrate, horizontally, with each other and with my experiences. In the queer little world, the appearance of this strange word and its consequences are explored. Also, you’ll have exclusive access to what queer means in my life (lie, it’s not exclusive). In the grotesque bubble, have faith. It’s a lot of cloth for a single sleeve. In the end, it became a gigantic argument. You can read everything. I believe in you. Finally, we can summarize the photoperformances chapter as a meeting point between biscuits and more talk. Delicious, right? Broadly speaking, it is a research that eavesdrops on stories of hegemony and dissidence in the universes of art and gender and, at the same time, exposes my contribution to them. Throughout the pages, it is possible to obtain information about the themes that I proposed to research and their theoretical-practical relations, my collaborations for each of these three great universes and, the most important part (is it?), a luxurious exhibition of photoperformances that have been produced by me since 2018, with very naughty pitacos. Be ready. Contains humor and irony.
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    Educação em tempo integral e a educação física: um panorama das produções e discussões em periódicos científicos
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-28) Silva, Grecio Gabriel Siqueira; Moura, Sérgio de Almeida; Moura, Sérgio de Almeida; Gemente, Florence Rosana Faganello; Silva, Ana Paula Salles da
    This completion of course study aims to understand what has been discussed about Physical Education, Integral Education and Full-Time Education in the Scielo index and in the main journals in the field of Physical Education. In order to understand the current educational and Physical Education scenario, thus observing the forces that act on it, we carried out an analysis of school time in its sociological dimension and then we used the bibliographical research method, where we selected articles that deal with the subject in Scielo and in the magazines Revista Pensar a Pratica-UFG, Revista Movimento-UFRGS and Revista Motrivivência-UFSC. We carried out the description and discussion of the data found through 3 categories of analysis, namely: Implementation and management, body practices developed and the role of Physical Education. We were able to briefly verify the reality and contradictions present in the implementation processes of full-time school programs in the country and their relationship with Physical Education. The extension of the time of the school system can be configured as a possibility of educational assistance for students in Brazil. However, one cannot have a fragmented vision to think about full-time school.
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    Futsal feminino na UFG: análise da motivação das atletas a partir das diferentes metodologias de treinamento do futsal
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-24) Sousa, Marcelo Alves de; Mendonça, Fernando Medeiros; Mendonça, Fernando Medeiros; Alarcon, Valleria Araújo Oliveira; Pimentel, Fernanda Cruvinel
    The main objective of the study is to investigate the adaptation of the athletes to the training methods used by the coach of the female futsal team of the Physical Education course at the Federal University of Goiás (UFG). Being, in turn, the central purpose of the project, to understand the training methodologies and strategies employed by the trainer; to analyze the adaptation difficulties of the athletes within the methodologies used and what motivates them to maintain constancy in training during preparation for interuniversity competitions. In this sense, the objective is to identify the level of frequency of athletes in training that precede competitions, even though they have a large workload of studies and work, and thus understand the internal and/or external aspects that influence this frequency and adherence about the training methodologies used. The main competition for which this preparation is carried out is the “OmaiorInter”, considered one of the largest university events in the Midwest, where students from all UFG courses gather in a sporting and festive event, aiming at an amateur competition. with its own regulation. The training phase takes place over a period of one year. We opted for a research of a quantitative and qualitative nature, the necessary techniques for data collection will be the application of previously established interviews, and the practical observation of the activities carried out. The subjects participating in the research will be the coach and his team of athletes.
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    Paraciclismo x Yowamushi Pedal : uma análise sobre as problemáticas presentes no animê promocional dos Jogos Paralímpicos de Tóquio 2020 e suas possibilidades na educação física escolar
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-28) Taveira, Artur Alves de Bastos; Gemente, Flórence Rosana Faganello; Gemente, Flórence Rosana Faganello; Silva, Ana Paula Salles da; Moura, Sérgio de Almeida
    The Paralympic Games play a major social role in promoting visibility and debate about the inclusion and exclusion of people with disabilities in society. The way in which the athletes are represented in the media and advertisements about the event is a factor that influences the type of image displayed by the competition, which can be one that helps the process of inclusion or one that reproduces prejudiced discourses against people with disabilities. With this in mind, the aim of this study was to analyze the problematics present in Para cycling x YOWAMUSHI PEDAL that is the seventh episode of Animation x Paralympic, an anime produced as promotional video for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. This is a qualitative study based on the principles of Content Analysis, in which we analyzed how the athletes were portrayed in this media, whether they maintained the stereotypes and stigmas present in past portrayals, or whether they proposed a different way of representation, and also the possible insertions of it within School Physical Education.. It was possible to verify that the representations found in the episode analyzed were aimed at building an image that focuses on the athlete's potentialities and physical performance, which were portrayed in a realistic way. Paralympic sports was also prominent in the narrative, highlighting its role in the visibility and social inclusion of people with disabilities. We also observed an absence of the social context and the role of the state in the narrative, which may place the responsibility solely on individuals. We conclude that the episode analyzed presents a positive portrayal of an athlete with disbility, making it a representation that advances the discourse and debate on inclusion and distances itself from some of the stereotypes present in the Paralympic media and advertisements, however, the episode still presents some common stereotypes towards people with disabilities in its narrative. We also emphasize its potential in School Physical Education, through mediation directed at forming students capable of engaging in critical dialogue and producing responses to the messages conveyed in the media, which can lead to a process of deconstruction and resignification of prejudiced ideals and dialogue with possibilities for the inclusion of diversity as well acknowledge potential within corporal diversity, and in sports diversity.