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    A reanálise fonético-fonológica na gramaticalização de [diski ] 1
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2011-03-02) Casseb-Galvão, Vânia Cristina
    This paper focuses on the phonetic-phonological reanalysis of the [diski ] grammaticalization process in the Brazilian-Portuguese language. Border restructuring as well as changes in the intonational contour and in the segmental realization of the source-form are some of the observed phenomena that suggest the development of a matrix predicate of an embedded clause in an evidential operator. Evidentiality refers to the notional domain related to the source of knowledge uttered in the proposition.
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    Lispector e Colasanti: o erotismo na ficção brasileira de autoria feminina
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2010-12-17) Borges, Luciana; Fonseca, Pedro Carlos Louzada
    This article aims to analyse short narratives in which the eroticism’s thematization consists of tension between shame and shameless in the act of narrating. It will analyse the construction of A via crucis do corpo (1974), by Clarice Lispector in correlation to the tale Menina de vermelho a caminho da Lua (1982; 1998), by Marina Colasanti. The narrator’s positions in relation to the topic told will be the guide of this study, once they appear, simultaneously, attracted by the subject and fearful about the facts that intend to compose in a narrative form.
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    Reconstruindo a memória: o retorno do mito da corriveau em la cage, de Anne Hébert
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2010-12-17) Pôrto, Lílian Virgínia; Aguiar, Ofir Bergemann de
    This paper investigates the ocurrence of the myth of Corriveau within Quebec’s tradition. Its objective is to verify how Anne Hébert’s rewriting of this figure differs from that offered mainly by texts of male authorship. Focus is given to the historic, mythic and literary destiny of Corriveau through an overview of distinct ways of her representation, followed by the analysis of three literary works: Les Anciens Canadiens (1867), by Philippe A. de Gaspé; Une Relique (1898), by Louis Fréchette, and La Cage (1990), by Anne Hébert.
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    As faces do amor em Otelo
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2010-12-17) Turchi, Maria Zaira
    The article analyses how in Shakespeare’s play Othello the relations among love, sexuality, marriage represent the heart of the tragedy, in a conflict that envolves spiritual love and sexual love – idealization and degradation.
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    Interação e diálogo no “terceiro lugar”: a formação da esfera de interculturalidade em aulas de inglês como L2/LE
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2011-03-22) Figueredo, Carla Janaína
    This article aims at reflecting about the way interaction and dialogue, two important conceptions discussed by Vygotsky and Bakhtin respectively, contribute with the formation of an intercultural sphere where the teacher and his students of English as a SL/FL reveal their cultural perspectives. This research is qualitative, and its findings point out that interaction and dialogue determine the recognition of the participants’ cultural dimensions as well as the ones from the target language-culture. The interactional and dialogical process generate new cultural perspectives, contributing to the intercultural competence development which is directly associated to learners and their English acquisition process.