Mapeamento e modelagem dos processos de projeto, construção e aprovação de subestações de consumidor em média tensão no estado de Goiás

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Universidade Federal de Goiás
This work has the objective of mapping and modeling the processes of design, construction and approval of medium voltage consumer substations in the state of Goiás, aiming at understanding all stages of the consumer substation life cycle by all the people involved in the process. Therefore, it was necessary to collect information about this life cycle, through interviews with the people involved in the construction process: designers, analysts of the concessionaire and the executor. The interviews were conducted individually, based on different questionnaires elaborated by the authors of the study, but aimed at the same objective: To understand the problems and difficulties encountered by each of the workers during the life cycle. Through the appointments indicated in the interviews, the mapping and modeling of the processes and life cycle of the substation could be performed and for the modeling, Bizagi software was used. Each of the interviewees pointed out different points for improvement, but all agreed that three points stand out: The break in the life cycle of a substation, the purchase of equipment with different specifications from those indicated in the project and the current phase of adaptation due to transition from CELG to ENEL. It is believed that a better management of the work schedule should be given in the planning phase, which is the phase most likely to make changes and these have a greater impact on the final result than the changes made in the other phases. Although the impact was treated in all the interviews, the lack of compatibility between the projects was also relevant to the study, which pointed out BIM as a solution for project modeling that enables the task of compatibility verification between the projects in a simply way. The study shows the need of all the people involved in the construction process to know the process model in which they are inserted, so that the life cycle happens in the most efficient way possible for everyone.
Subestação, Mapeamento, Modelagem, Processo, Ciclo de vida, Substation, Mapping, Modeling, Process, Life cycle
SILVA, Mariana Graziani da; OLIVEIRA, Renata Isabella Pinheiro de. Mapeamento e modelagem dos processos de projeto, construção e aprovação de subestações de consumidor em média tensão no estado de Goiás. 2018. Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso (Graduação) - Escola de Engenharia Elétrica, Mecânica e de Computação, Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2018.