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dc.creatorMartins, Karina-
dc.creatorChaves, Lázaro José-
dc.creatorVencovsky, Roland-
dc.creatorKageyama, Paulo Yoshio-
dc.identifier.citationMARTINS, K.; Chaves, L. J.; VENCOVSKY, R.; KAGEYAMA, P. Y. Genetic structure based on nuclear and chloroplast microsatellite loci of Solanum lycocarpum A. St. Hil. (Solanaceae) in Central Brazil. Genetics and Molecular Research, Ribeirão Preto, v. 10, n. 2, p. 665-677, 2011.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractSolanum lycocarpum (Solanaceae) is a woody species found in the Brazilian Cerrado. The flowers are pollinated by Xylocopa spp bees, and seeds are dispersed by mammals with distinct home range sizes. As a consequence, relative contributions of pollen and seeds to overall gene flow can vary according to different spatial scales. We studied the genetic structure of four natural populations of S. lycocarpum separated by 19 to 128 km, including individuals located along dirt roads that interlink three of the populations. A total of 294 individuals were genotyped with five nuclear and six chloroplast microsatellite markers. Significant spatial genetic structure was found in the total set of individuals; the Sp statistic was 0.0086. Population differentiation based on the six chloroplast microsatellite markers (θpC = 0.042) was small and similar to that based on the five nuclear microsatellite markers (θp = 0.054). For this set of populations, pollen and seed flow did not differ significantly from one another (pollen-to-seed flow ratio = 1.22). Capability for long distance seed dispersion and colonization of anthropogenic sites contributes to the ability of S. lycocarpum to maintain genetic diversity. Seed dispersion along dirt roads may be critical in preserving S. lycocarpum genetic diversity in fragmented landscapes.pt_BR
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dc.subjectcpDNA inheritancept_BR
dc.subjectSpatial genetic structurept_BR
dc.subjectGene flowpt_BR
dc.subjectPollen flowpt_BR
dc.subjectSeed dispersionpt_BR
dc.titleGenetic structure based on nuclear and chloroplast microsatellite loci of Solanum lycocarpum A. St. Hil. (Solanaceae) in Central Brazilpt_BR
dc.publisher.departmentEscola de Agronomia - EA (RG)pt_BR
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