Revisitando a Análise do Discurso Ecológica (ADE)

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This article is a re-visit to Ecological Discourse Analysis (EDA), presented in more length elsewhere. It starts off by presenting some of its sources of inspiration (Positive Discourse Analysis, Social Ecology, Deep Ecology, Taoism etc.). EDA is confronted with traditional discourse analysis, such as the French trend begun with Michel Pêcheux and the British one of Norman Fairclough. While these draw heavily on ideology (Marxist) and power relations, EDA emphasizes life. Instead of that, it seeks ways to defend life as far as possible as well as to avoid suffering by living beings. Since ideologies are unavoidable, EDA embraces an ecoideology or bioideology. For instance, when analyzing a text about a woman who is beaten by her drunken husband, ecological discourse analysts defend her not for being a woman, but a living being who is suffering.
Ecolinguistics, Ecolinguística, Ecological Discourse analysis, Icoideology, Análise do Discurso Ecológica, Ecoideologia
COUTO, Elza Kioko Nakayama Nenoki do. Revisitando a Análise do Discurso Ecológica (ADE). Via Litterae: revista de linguística e teoria literária, Anápolis, v. 7, n. 1, p. 117-129, 2015.