Arte fotográfica e estética moderna: sob o olhar do fotoclube de Goiânia

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This article will treat the discussion of photographic art in photo-club movement, from the textual and photographic productions, performed by Brazilians photo-clubs, present the achievements of the Clube da Objetiva (CO), Goiania’s photo-club, in the decades from 1970 to 1980, plus interviews with members of the CO. The photographic production will be seen mainly through photographs selected by that photo-club and broadcast in five National Photographic Art exhibits, which promoted. The selected images, in this text, prioritize those whose visual presentation dialogues with the modern aesthetic, utilizing the production of photographic Pioneers of the Cine Fotoclube Bandeirante, São Paulo’s photo-club, pioneer in modern trials. For this, it is the understanding Goiania’s photo-club in their local context and within the photo-club movement as an institution and its condition selector art photographs. KEYWORDS: Artistic photography. Modern aesthetic. Photo-club. Goiânia.
Fotografia artística, Estética moderna, Fotoclube, Goiânia, Artistic photography, Modern aesthetic, Photo-club
FERNANDES, Ana Rita Vidica. Arte fotográfica e estética moderna: sob o olhar do fotoclube de Goiânia. Anais do Museu Paulista: história e cultura material, São Paulo, v. 18, n. 2, p. 203-262, jul./dez. 2010.