Discurso, sujeito e história: um estudo de enunciados sobre professor

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This article aims at promoting a reflection on the sayings about teachers and about how they are objectified in the framework proposed herewith. Thus, the nuances that comprise the construction of discourse practices will be highlighted, in recognition of the different conceptions to which the profession has been submitted, in keeping with social, historical and ideological changes of society. It is reckoned that there being changes in social practices, there will be likewise transformations in the sayings about teachers, making it possible to propose that language acts, which express the values of a society, are historicized and move on according to sociocultural devices.
Teacher, Professor, História, Sentido, History, Meaning
SILVA, Odália Bispo de Souza e; SOUSA, Kátia Menezes de. Discurso, sujeito e história: um estudo de enunciados sobre professor. Letras, Santa Maria, v. 1, n. 48, p. 339-354, jan./jun. 2014.