O projeto arqueológico e a possibilidade de ver e dizer na mídia

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The aim of this study consists to discuss some discursive statements distributed by advertising medium. Our hypothesis contemplates the idea that the told and visible things are constructed by the understanding work of media net that makes possible the sense of our present. In order to construct an analyses device to discuss the present, the theoretical support is formed by the basis of Michel Foucault’s archaeological description. The statements distributed in media are crossed by discourses of others discursive spaces, that, being modified, they occupy the words that circulate in the most different places, including the way of subject living. The appropriate discourse sets going a truth game and it becomes part of an exclusion system, the will to truth, as it was analyzed by Foucault. This will to truth is supported by an institutional basis, which ensures the appropriation, comments, oblivions and distribution of many discourses. In this way, we include new attitudes in our daily life and we exclude habits and manners that go along with us. This mechanism makes to work an important net of confiscations and devices. It demonstrates a subtle and effective work of the power/knowledge relation.
Enunciados, Saber, Mídia, Discursive statements, Knowledge, Media
LIMA, Josiane dos Santos; SOUSA, Kátia Menezes de. O projeto arqueológico e a possibilidade de ver e dizer na mídia. Signum: estudos de linguagem, Londrina v. 16, n. 1, p. 77-98, jun. 2013.