O livro didático na perspectiva da formação de professores

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There may be as many reasons in favour of the use of commercial textbooks in foreign language teaching as against it, but in Brazil there are few contexts in which a textbook is not used. The relationship between this broad adoption of textbooks and the traditional models of teacher education — in which teachers learn how to apply, in their teaching practice, theories developed by researchers — is rather obvious. However, in recent models of teacher education, which aim for teachers to build knowledge about teaching and learning, is there room for textbooks or should teachers develop their own material? In this text, this topic will be dealt with, taking into consideration the perception of undergraduate students of Letras (UFG) about the use of textbooks in English teaching.
Commercial textbook, Livro didático, Teacher education, Foreign language teaching, Formação de professores, Ensino de língua estrangeira, Ensino de língua estrangeira
PESSOA, Rosane Rocha. O livro didático na perspectiva da formação de professores. Trabalhos em Lingüística Aplicada, Campinas, v. 48, n. 1, p. 53-69, jan./jun. 2009.