Funcionalismo e ensino: bases teórico-metodológicas para uma sequência didática

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We discussed this work the productive relationship between the functionalist theory of language and the theory of discursive genres, seeking to demonstrate their applicability and their contribution to effective education of Portuguese Language (LP), taking into account the real objectives proposed in the PCNs (1998 and 2000). The functional principles presented in Halliday (1973), Dik (1989), discussed in Neves (2010 and 2013) and Casseb- Galvão (2006 and 2011), among others, theoretically underlie this work and are consistent with the proposals of Franchi (2006), Pauliukonis (2011), Casseb-Galvão (2011) and Kuhn and Flowers (2008), and constitute the theoretical-methodological bases of a didactic sequence (SD), proposed in (Duarte, in preparation). This discussion ends with the proposal of a didactic sequence to assist the teacher in understanding the productive theory and practice relationship and provides subsidies for language teaching that consider the social interaction and the field of reading and writing practices in different modalities and different situational contexts of communication.
Functionalism, Education, Genres textual-discursive, Methodological proposals, Funcionalismo, Propostas metodológicas, Ensino, Gêneros discursivo-textuais
DUARTE, Milcinele da Conceição; CASSEB-GALVÃO, Vânia Cristina. Funcionalismo e ensino: bases teórico-metodológicas para uma sequência didática. Temporis[Ação], Cidade de Goiás, v. 14, n. 1,p. 69-91, jan./jun. 2014.