Transformações do direito e desenvolvimento agrário na sociedade de risco

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The Law and the modern agricultural development model have undergone profound changes since its inception, in industrial societies, to the presente days. New technologies such as industrial fertilizer and pesticides and the genetic manipulation brought a great increase in productivity in the twentieth century, but also the intensification of debates about the risks of contemporary agrarian activity. The purpose of this article is to analyze some of these changes in light of the risk society theories, formulated by Ulrich Beck and Anthony Giddens. In the first chapter, we will show the basic concepts of risk society. On the second, we will expose how the agrarian Law and development behaves in risk scenarios. Therefore, we propose a qualitative approach of the literature available on the subject.
Desenvolvimento agrário, Direito agrário, Sociedade de risco, Agrarian development, Agrarian law, Risk society
TAYER NETO, Pedro Felippe; GONÇALVES NETO, João da Cruz. Transformações do direito e desenvolvimento agrário na sociedade de risco. Revista do Direito UNISC, Santa Cruz do Sul, n. 41, p. 24-40, nov./dez. 2013.