Jogos eletrônicos e suas possibilidades educativas

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This work is a expanded summary of monograph of conclusion in the course of Physical Education, and it has as questions of departure: how the phenomenon of the electronic games (JE’s) is understood by the researchers of the areas of the Education and the Physical Education in Brazil? And, from these questions, which are the perceived educative possibilities of our research, we can say that the analyzed texts have ample approach on the subject, however little deepening the diverse questions raised for them. The authors point that the JE’ s propagates diverse values and can develop some abilities and knowledges in its players, being able to be used as educative proposal with the mediation of the teachers in the schools. However, diverse barriers, as the initial and continued formation of the teachers who not problematizes the JE’s, and the scarce existing of technological resources in the schools, will have to be won for the insertion of these games as a educative proposal.
Jogos eletrônicos, Electronic games, Educação, Educação Física, Mídia-educação, Education, Physical education, Media-education
AZEVEDO, Victor de Abreu; PIRES, Giovani de Lorenzi; SILVA, Ana Paula Salles da. Jogos eletrônicos e suas possibilidades educativas. Motrivivência, Florianópolis, n. 28, p. 90-100, jun. 2007.