Modernidade e modernismo em José Décio Filho

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Silva, Célia Sebastiana
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A poet of singular voice, José Décio Filho is poorly known and poorly recognized in the literary scenery of Goiás. This article intends to explore this poet’s work and set him in the modern poetry panorama in Brazil and Goiás. In order to do so, his ways of surpassing the limits of the poetry of Goiás will be shown and will also dialogue with very well recognized Brazilian modern poe ts like Manuel Bandeira, Carlos Drummond de Andrade and Murilo Mendes. The echo of these import voices in José Décio’s poetry is meaningful because it presents a poet tuned with his own time (and even ahead of his time) in a moment when the anachronism in poetry of Goiás was still strong. It also shows, based on reflections on modern lyricism, how Décio Filho enrolls himself in literary tradition and affirms his poetry modernity and modernism.
Poesia, Poetry, Modernidade, Literatura goiana, Modernismo, Modernity, Modernism, Goiás’ literature
SILVA, Célia Sebastiana. Modernidade e modernismo em José Décio Filho. Via Litterae, Anápolis, v. 5, n. 1, p. 139-160, jan./jun. 2013.