Os discursos da história e da arte na épica antiga e contemporânea

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This article presents an analysis of aesthetic settings of epic poetry ancient and contemporary, with a view to understand the status of truth present in the discourse of history and literature. Since the goal is to ensure that the commitment to historical truth is a prerequisite for the epic style, are highlighted some of the purposes of history and epic poetry, from theoretical approaches of Aristotle (s/d), Auerbach (1994), Romilly (2001), Steiner (1978), among others. In preparing the study, are taken as representative of the ancient epic works countersigned by literary theory, like the Iliad, The Divine Comedy and the Bible, and as illustrative of the contemporary style epic, Invention of the sea, the work of Gerardo Mello Mourão (1997).
Épico contemporâneo, Verdade, História, Ancient epic, Epic contemporary, Historical discourse, Truth, Literary discourse
VIEIRA, Ilma Socorro Gonçalves; CAMARGOS, Kellen Millene. Os discursos da história e da arte na épica antiga e contemporânea. Revista Memento, Três Corações, v. 4, n. 2, p. 1-17, jul./dez. 2013.