Imaginação histórica: ficção e subjetividade na escrita escolar

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This paper aims to investigate the marks of sub-jectivity found in texts produced by 7th grade students in an interdisciplinary experience called “Exercise of Historic Imagination”. The work was based in the study of the characteristics of the Dia-ry gender and in the theorethic pressupositions of Cultural History and the Cotidien. The students production were analysed under the linguist materiality point of view, which was responsible for the texts configuration as diaries and under the construction of meanings which each students constructed based on the historic, linguistic and literaries concepts as well as under the knowledge they acquired. The analysis allowed us to observe that in order to produce, the students, conditio-ned by the historic context, devised strategies to put their creativity into work, exercising their subjectivity to guarantee a ficcional character to the narrative.
Interdisciplinaridade, Interdisciplinarity, Diário, Subjetividade, História cultural, Diary, Cultural history, Subjecti-vity
OLIVEIRA, Ilse Leone B. C. de; DELGADO, Andréa Ferreira. Imaginação histórica: ficção e subjetividade na escrita escolar. Gragoatá, Niterói, v. 13, n. 25, p. 95-117, 2008.