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Estudo das interações dos surfactantes iônicos SDS, CTAC e HPS e miltefosina com membranas de leishmania, macrófagos e eritrócitos
(Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-09-18) Cardoso, Éder Jéferson Souza; Alonso, Antônio;; Alonso, Antônio; Mendanha Neto, Sebastião Antônio; Silva, Kleber Santiago Freitas e
Miltefosine (MT) is an internationally approved oral drug for the treatment of leishmaniasis, however, its mechanism of action is not yet well established. Understanding the mechanism of action of compounds with leishmanicidal activity is important to help in the search for new drug prototypes with greater activity and fewer side effects. Surfactants are compounds widely used in the industry in the manufacture of soap, shampoos and other cosmetics. They are usually classified according to the molecular charge, and may be nonionic, anionic, cationic or zwitterionic (or amphoteric) when they have a positive and negative charge in the same compound. Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (RPE) spectroscopy associated with the spin-label method was used to compare the interactions of MT and the surfactants Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS, anionic), Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride (CTAC, cationic) and N, N-dimethyl-3-ammonio-1-propanesulfonate (HPS, zwitterionic) with the membranes of Leishmania (L.) amazonensis, erythrocyte and macrophage. All compounds increased the molecular dynamics of membrane proteins; however, SDS caused the smallest increase in parasite and erythrocyte membrane dynamics and was also the least effective in antileishmanial activity, cytotoxicity in macrophages J774.A1 and hemolytic potential in both PBS and whole blood. It was detected, in blood plasma, the albumin stiffness caused by 2.5 mM SDS due to the electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions of the compound with the protein. CTAC did not show significant differences in relation to the other compounds, but at higher cell concentrations (>1x109 cells/mL), it showed high activity against the L. amazonensis promastigotes, besides being the most cytotoxic to macrophages J774.A1. For all the experiments, the zwitterionic molecules HPS and MT did not present significant differences between them. The data suggest the possibility of using cationic or zwitterionic surfactants in formulations containing leishmanicides, aiming at the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis.
A perspectiva dos profissionais da Estratégia da Saúde da Família (ESF) sobre as experiências adversas no desenvolvimento infantil em Goiânia-GO
(Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-06-28) Mateus, Ana Cláudia; Costa, Luciane Ribeiro de Rezende Sucasas da;; Tavares, Naraiana de Oliveira;; Tavares, Naraiana de Oliveira; Costa, Luciane Ribeiro de Rezende Sucasas da; Brabatti, Larissa Polejack; Resende, Maria do Rosário Silva
The present study addresses the issue of early childhood development, highlighting its importance and the relevance of Adverse Childhood Experiences (AEC) within this context. Psychology, when analyzing health, socio-historical and political aspects, recognizes the influence of EAIs on human development. The general objective of this work is to understand the routine of professionals from the Family Health Strategy Program (ESF) in relation to Adverse Experiences in Childhood (AIs) in their work environment at the Estrela D’Alva health unit and in the community served. The specific objective is to develop a conceptual matrix that addresses EAIs in the context of the Estrela D'Alva health unit, using Bronfenbrenner's Bioecological Theory of Human Development as a theoretical basis. To explore these experiences, interviews were conducted with professionals who work in the Family Health Strategy Program (ESF), at the health unit located in the Estrela D'Alva neighborhood, in Goiânia, Goiás. A semi-structured script was used during the interviews, in the in which 20 FHS professionals shared their routines, experiences and adverse experiences related to work, as well as their consequences for child development. Bardin's Content Analysis method was used, therefore in the light of qualitative reality. The results showed that the topics covered are closely linked to the reality of work in family health, situations of growth and development, the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the vulnerabilities of early childhood and the precariousness of the physical structure of the health unit, in addition to of the overload faced by professionals. The final considerations highlight the limitations of the research and point to possibilities for monitoring and evaluating public health policies for early childhood, such as the importance of effective public policies, highlighting the need to monitor and evaluate such policies, considering the risk and protection factors for mental health at this crucial stage of life.
A pobreza como alvo na modernização da assistência social: estudo de caso da adoção do portal Meu INSS para o acesso ao BPC
(Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-23) Costa, Caroline Levergger; Gonçalves Neto, João da Cruz;; Gonçalves Neto, João da Cruz; Serau Junior, Marco Aurélio; Pagliaro, Heitor de Carvalho
This dissertation analyzes the use of information and communication technologies for access to social rights, especially welfare rights, and deals specifically with how technology is being used to access the Continuous Cash Benefit. It aims to answer whether modernization has generated social progress or resulted in increased vulnerability of the recipients of this public policy. It also investigates whether the use of modernization may be occurring as a veiled fiscal adjustment measure, that is, not formally declared, to reduce access to the benefit. The methodological approach used was a literature review and a documentary analysis of secondary data and empirical research produced on the subject. The INSS DIGITAL program was evaluated based on five analysis criteria: greater coverage and possibility of service, simplification of processes and increased transparency, speed in responding to requests, quality of procedural analysis and fewer demands and savings to public coffers. It was observed that the difficulties in accessing rights, arising from modernization, do not simply stem from technology, but from the way it has been applied by States to mediate their relationship with the vulnerable population and that there are already proposals formulated so that this modernization is compatible with human rights. It was found that historical factors in the evolution of social assistance and the country's own characteristics, as well as the existence of a fiscal adjustment policy, influenced the way in which technologies were incorporated by the State in the provision of services to citizens. In the case of access to the Continuous Cash Benefit, it was found that the modernization of access, as it occurred, did not represent for the vulnerable population an expansion of rights or even an improvement of public service, but reproduced a barrier to be overcome by the citizen and acted as a factor of repression of administrative expenses (fiscal adjustment) even with the payment of benefits, which has grown more slowly since its implementation.
Áreas prioritárias para restauração no estado de Goiás
(Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2020-07-03) Silva, Thalline Rodrigues da; Loyola, Rafael Dias;; Loyola, Rafael Dias; Diniz Filho, José Alexandre Felizola; Brum, Fernanda Thiesen
In parallel with strategies and actions focused on the conservation of biodiversity, scientists, decisionmakers, and different sectors of our society have been developing on strategies focused on the restoration of degraded areas. This is a particularly important issue for Brazil as signatory to the Paris Agreement, in which the Brazilian government is committed to restoring 12 million hectares of degraded areas by 2030. Such restoration will be regionalized, and the states of Brazil will need to indicate their priorities, strategies and tools to accomplish such task. Here, we identified priority areas for restoration in the state of Goiás in order to build scenarios in which the retention of soil carbon stock is maximized, as well as the representation of plant species, while seeking the lowest cost of opportunity to perform this restoration on rural landowners. We ran prioritizations following the principles of systematic conservation planning. We also considered the environmental debt within rural properties and, based on that, we evaluated all types of agricultural culture found on the properties to generate opportunity costs associated with restoration. After analyzing 166,635 rural properties across the state, we found a total debt of approximately 1,682,804.1330 hectares within properties’ Legal Reserve. We also observed that most rural properties that should be restored have an opportunity cost below R$5,000. In all prioritization scenarios, areas to the east and northeast of the state of Goiás were considered as priority. Our best restoration scenario captured ~35% of the state's entire carbon stock, nearly 70% (on average) of the distribution of endangered plant species included in the study and a reduction in opportunity cost of more than 70%. Systematic planning for restoration, as proposed here, if carried out in an organized and accountable way, can maximize the connectivity of protected areas within rural properties, bringing greater protection of species and guarantee of the provision of ecosystem services.
Arquivos da insistência: narrativas biográficas de entendidas, maduras e lésbicas
(Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-10-02) Silva, Isabella Gonzaga Guimarães; Hirano, Luis Felipe Kojima;; Hirano, Luis Felipe Kojima; Kofes, Maria Suely; Gonçalves, Eliane
This dissertation is the result of an ethnography of the biographical narratives of 4 women homosexuals aged between 51 and 70 years old and who record their sexual itinerations since categories such as “madura”, “entendida”, and “lésbicas”. The complex arrangements were covered temporalities put into circulation by them when they problematize the way their sexual and gender performances are constructed over time. When counting their modes of subjectivation articulate an ethnographic theory about the different relationships between subjectivity and truth in different cultural formations, making their existences are like seismographs of subjectivities in transit. Taking the narratives from themselves since the moments in which they underline the way in which they constituted themselves as subjects from a temporality of the impossible, it is suggested that their existences compose an archive of insistences and a radical imagination.