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    A pobreza como alvo na modernização da assistência social: estudo de caso da adoção do portal Meu INSS para o acesso ao BPC
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-23) Costa, Caroline Levergger; Gonçalves Neto, João da Cruz;; Gonçalves Neto, João da Cruz; Serau Junior, Marco Aurélio; Pagliaro, Heitor de Carvalho
    This dissertation analyzes the use of information and communication technologies for access to social rights, especially welfare rights, and deals specifically with how technology is being used to access the Continuous Cash Benefit. It aims to answer whether modernization has generated social progress or resulted in increased vulnerability of the recipients of this public policy. It also investigates whether the use of modernization may be occurring as a veiled fiscal adjustment measure, that is, not formally declared, to reduce access to the benefit. The methodological approach used was a literature review and a documentary analysis of secondary data and empirical research produced on the subject. The INSS DIGITAL program was evaluated based on five analysis criteria: greater coverage and possibility of service, simplification of processes and increased transparency, speed in responding to requests, quality of procedural analysis and fewer demands and savings to public coffers. It was observed that the difficulties in accessing rights, arising from modernization, do not simply stem from technology, but from the way it has been applied by States to mediate their relationship with the vulnerable population and that there are already proposals formulated so that this modernization is compatible with human rights. It was found that historical factors in the evolution of social assistance and the country's own characteristics, as well as the existence of a fiscal adjustment policy, influenced the way in which technologies were incorporated by the State in the provision of services to citizens. In the case of access to the Continuous Cash Benefit, it was found that the modernization of access, as it occurred, did not represent for the vulnerable population an expansion of rights or even an improvement of public service, but reproduced a barrier to be overcome by the citizen and acted as a factor of repression of administrative expenses (fiscal adjustment) even with the payment of benefits, which has grown more slowly since its implementation.
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    Raízes que sustentam: narrativas de transição capilar e identidades de mulheres negras – da violação à efetivação de direitos
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2021-07-16) Eugênia, Sara França; Dias, Luciana de Oliveira;; Dias, Luciana de Oliveira; Souza, Cristiane Santos; Machado, Vilma de Fátima
    In the manuscript now presented there are more reflections on roots2 than on hair. Even so, it was from a study on the processes of hair transition and hair it self, in addition to their physicality, that an analysis of the body and how the oppressions of structural racism impact the identity construction of black women was carried out. The hair was analyzed as a diacritical sign that can be perceived as a mark of blackness. Therefore, it is an element capable of influencing the identity process. Curly hair and straight hair have been studied in addition to their physical compositions, seeking to understand their meanings, the effects on the identities of black women and situations in which autonomy over curly or straight hair aesthetics indicates violation or enforcement of rights. Through the analysis of the narratives acquired in the focus groups, we sought to identify, understand and describe the effects of the hair transition, that is, the process of change about individual and subjective perceptions about hair, in the construction of black women's identities. The narratives about curly hair can vary, depending on its subjectivity, but they contribute to the perception of how curly hair, as part of a black body, can become an object of shame, hatred, dissatisfaction and repression due to racism. The meanings given by each woman to her natural hair can change during a hair transition, positively or negatively impacting her self-esteem and producing effects on her identity construction.
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    Casa-abrigo: solução ou solidão de direitos? Análise da política de abrigamento para mulheres em risco de feminicídio no Distrito Federal
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2021-03-31) Mendes, Liz Elainne de Silvério e Oliveira; Costa, Carmem Lúcia;; Macêdo Filha, Maurides Batista de;; Macêdo Filha, Maurides Batista de; Costa, Carmem Lúcia; Rocha, Maria José Pereira; Ferreira, Carolina Costa
    The dissertation analyzes the implementation arrangements of the shelter policy for women at risk of femicide in the Federal District (2019-2020) in the light of feminist and human rights studies of women with the aim of understanding the limits and challenges of this social policy for prevent femicides. Public gender policies, produced under the frameworks of CEDAW, the Federal Constitution, the Convention of Belém do Pará and the Maria da Penha Law, constituted a hermeneutic input to address the “ideals” of housing policies and also to problematize the shelter of Brasília, as a space for both care and “solitude” of rights. The theoretical conceptions and provocations of Heleieth Saffioti, Rita Segato, Lourdes Bandeira and Fabiana Severi constituted the essence of the theoretical framework. The research has a qualitative approach, containing a theoretical part and a descriptive-exploratory part. The bibliographic research privileged the categories: gender violence, feminicide and patriarchy. The documentary research used data on gender violence, feminicide, shelter and public policies to prevent and confront violence against women, in the spheres of district and federal governance. The field research produced data from semi-structured narrative interviews with women who had left the shelter in Brasília and public servants in the Federal District. The analysis of public policy adopted the feminist and interdisciplinary perspectives of human rights and was operationalized according to the human right to care and the premises of the National Pact to Combat Violence against Women (transversality of gender, intersectorality and capillarity). The results reveal that the institutional arrangements of the shelter policy in the Federal District, in the studied period, have similarities and distances with what was consolidated in Brazil as gender policies.
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    Adoção tardia: perspectiva da equipe interprofissional da 8ª Região do Tribunal de Justiça do Estado de Goiás
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-11-22) Souza, Rodrigo Rosa de; Macedo Filha, Maurides Batista de;; Corrêa, Edwiges Conceição Carvalho;; Corrêa, Edwiges Conceição Carvalho; Macedo Filha, Maurides Batista de; Santana, Juliana Prates; Tavares, Silvana Beline
    The theme implicates the perspective of the Interprofessional Team of the 8th Region of the Court of Justice - TJGO on late adoption, that understandands that the older the children who are in institutional care, the lower the chances of being adopted. In this sense, the general objective of this study is to understand the challenges faced by the Interprofessional Team of the 8th Region of the TJGO to guarantee the right to family and community coexistence of those children and adolescents. Based on the analysis of the emergence of this Team's work, it is sought to show that this theme needs interdisciplinary work to guarantee the human rights of children and adolescents who are neglected in the world of adoption. The dissertation has a qualitative-quantitative approach. It uses the methodology of bibliographic and documentary research, statistical data from the national adoption system - SNA and interviews with professionals from the Team of the 8th Region of the TJGO to deepen the knowledge of the topic addressed. It was supported by Lawrence Bardin's method of content analysis, based on categories of analysis on motivation to work, the role of the team, the relationship between adoption and human rights and examples of concrete cases. It was concluded that the age factor of the children, added to the color, disability and group of siblings, make late adoptions a rarity in that region.
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    A Defensoria Pública e a violência contra a mulher em Goiás
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-11-30) Oliveira, Lorena de; Costa, Carmem Lúcia;; Costa, Carmem Lúcia; Souza, Tatiana Machiavelli Carmo; Moreira, Maria Ignez Costa
    This dissertation investigates the performance of the Public Defender's Office of the State of Goiás as an integral part of the intersectoral support network for women victims of domestic and family violence based on the experience of NUDEM (Specialized Core of Promotion and Defense of Women's Right). The objective of the study is to analyze if the tools developed by the Nucleus are based on intersectional and interdisciplinary feminist theories and methodologies and whether their performance, in some way, promotes the emancipation of those assisted. The methodology used for the investigation was, in addition to the bibliographic review on the subject, semi-structured interviews, which were carried out in person at the headquarters of NUDEM/DPE-GO. For data analysis, five perspectives were used: the institutional bias of the Public Defender's Office as a defender of the pueblo, the analysis of the intersectoral network to support women in situations of violence in the State of Goiás, the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the performance of the Nucleus, the perceptions about the feminist movement among the interviewees and how the personal and the professional cross each other during the performance of NUDEM. As a result, we were able to indicate that the DPE-GO performs a differentiated work when talking about violence against women, and even the physical space is designed so that the service is as effective and humanized as possible. In addition, it was found that the pandemic caused changes in the performance of NUDEM, and some of them were perceived until the conclusion of the study and, also, that the NUDEM professionals had altered behaviors and personal perceptions after the work developed, despite doing severe reservations to feminist conceptions, among other considerations.