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    História e descontinuidade: algumas contribuições de Michel Foucault para o campo historiográfico
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-10-10) Braga, Matheus Fellipe Rodrigues; Valle, Ulisses do;; Valle, Ulisses do; Arrais, Cristiano Alencar Pereira; Penna, Mariana Affonso
    The main objective of this work is to achieve a systematization of the concept of discontinuity, presented a little in Foucault's writings and guiding his investigative work, and his contributions to the historiographic field. The notion of discontinuity raises certain problems and also possibilities for the field of historical knowledge, such as reflection on the event and the object of the narrative itself. The historical plot depends both on a diffuse and problematic past, as well as on a historian who has the task of elaborating meaning for the documents and speeches of the past.
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    A plenitudo potestatis e o conceito de liberdade conforme Guilherme de Ockham (séc. XIV)
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-09-01) Gomes, Mayara Stephane; Souza, Armênia Maria de;; Souza, Armênia Maria de; Oliveira, Terezinha; Martines, Paulo Ricardo
    During the XIV century, the agents of the realms and the Holy See, respectively intertwined to the Time and Spiritual spheres, were related in different ways as in diplomacy as in the core of theories about the current power in Christianity. Nonetheless, due to the fights around Pope John XXII (1318-1334) and the “Spiritual Issue”, it is possible to notice a conflictual picture between these institutions. In that way, our goal in this research is to investigate the origins of this clash of powers in the light of the philosopher William of Ockham (1285? -1347) according to the political-theological apparatus and nominalism designed in his works, analyzed here as primary sources, Third Part of the Dialogue, A Short Discourse on the Tyrannical Government, and Eight questions on the power of the pope written around 1304-41. Ockham discusses, in the political works, his disapproval on this clash know by historiography as the doctrine of plenitudo potestatis papalis (fullness of power for the papacy), which determined the will of the representants of the spiritual power, the Pope, to evoque on their own benefit the fullness of power over both authorities. For this purpose, we start from an hermeneutic analysis to demonstrate that the Venerabilis Inceptor makes a well-grounded critic especially regarding to freedom accordingly to philosophical, theological, political, and ethical foundations, named as Christian - evangelical freedom, fundamental theme used against the sayings of Pope John XXII.
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    Saúde, enfermidades e cuidados infantis em escritos médicos medievais (Séculos XIII-XIV)
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-22) Sousa, Larissa Lacé; Santos, Dulce Oliveira Amarante dos;; Santos, Dulce Oliveira Amarante dos; Gonçalves , Ana Teresa Marques; Fagundes, Maria Dailza da Conceição
    This dissertation aims to analyze the medical writings and understand about Dietetics for the maintenance of child health, as well as other daily habits that influenced to avoid the diseases that surrounded the children, and the therapeutic bringing alternatives to treat the diseases. Our documentary corpus is composed of two regiments, Regime of the Corps (1256) of Aldobrandino de Siena (13th century), and the Treatise of the Children and Nurse Regiment (1308) composed in the early 14th century, by the physicist and master Bernardo de Gordônio. Both sources are of great importance for the understanding of medieval medicine, as they are rich in precepts and recommendations for the conservation of health and the recovery of it. The research has a theoretical foundation based on the medical theories presented by the works of ancient Arab and Latin authorities: the Hippocratic-Galenic humoral theory, the medieval Arab Galenism, about natural things and unnatural things that would be fundamental to the maintenance of health. The body would only stay healthy to the extent that it followed all the advice and guidance given by the physicists in the regiments.
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    Congadas de Goiânia: história, memórias e identidades negras (1940-2000)
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2016-09-26) Sousa, Luciana Pereira de; Magalhães, Sônia Maria de;; Magalhães, Sônia Maria de; Pereira, Robson Mendonça; Nazareno, Elias
    This work aims to discuss the possibilities of the existence of black identities in congadas and brotherhoods of Goiania. Using oral and written sources, our approach seeks to identify the process of formation of parties on the outskirts of the city, beginning in the 1940s and being completed in late 1990. Thus, our research sought to answer the following questions: how the process occurred formation of the Rosary festivities on the outskirts of Goiania? What is the meaning of the Rosary parties in Goiania? Who they interested? From the postcolonial theoretical perspectives and decolonais, we analyze the meaning of congadeira identity from its black culture condition, set in a city that, in just over four decades became an urban metropolis, whose development was marked by a history of segregation of workers and poor and black workers, whose struggles for housing, work, social assistance and, above all, ways of acting and thinking the world allowed identitarias statements, based on an idea of community founded on principles of solidarity and fraternity of black brotherhoods. Our analysis understand how these processes have become relevant in all the interpretations of the parties and their meanings, as these agents negotiate and move in the city. Our interest is fundamentally realize through the analysis of sources, especially orality and ethnographic research as did the territorialization of these parties in Goiás capital and the organization of the same lead to assertion of a black identity congadeira.
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    Dos armários do DOPS à imprensa da cidade: as sexualidades dissidentes durante a ditadura civil-militar em Goiás (1974-1980)
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-12-15) Silva, Aline Nawara Cintra; Oliveira, Alcilene Cavalcante de;; Oliveira, Alcilene Cavalcante de; Langaro, Jiani Fernando; Ribeiro, Maria do Espírito Santo Rosa Cavalcante
    This study is part of the perspective of studies of the History of Women and of gender and sexuality relations, and its central objective is to analyze homosexuality in Goiás during the civilmilitary dictatorship, in order to point out the existence of a conservative moral-sexual policy, focusing on the years 1974-1980. To do so, we focused on the documentation of the Police Station of Political and Social Order of Goiás (DOPS-GO). In this study, we consider the data found from reading the 794 dossiers held in the Information, Documentation and Archive Center of the Federal University of Goiás, and those from Jornal Cinco de Março, one of the main vehicles of information that circulated in Goiás during the period selected. In this way, this work aims, through the examination of the documentation of different organs and means, to find the representations about homosexualities produced by the official speeches of the State and by the main media vehicle of Goiás in the period, in order to scrutinize the existing moral-sexual construction in the regime and problematize the gender hierarchy and the erasure and silencing of lesbian women.