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    A perspectiva dos profissionais da Estratégia da Saúde da Família (ESF) sobre as experiências adversas no desenvolvimento infantil em Goiânia-GO
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-06-28) Mateus, Ana Cláudia; Costa, Luciane Ribeiro de Rezende Sucasas da;; Tavares, Naraiana de Oliveira;; Tavares, Naraiana de Oliveira; Costa, Luciane Ribeiro de Rezende Sucasas da; Brabatti, Larissa Polejack; Resende, Maria do Rosário Silva
    The present study addresses the issue of early childhood development, highlighting its importance and the relevance of Adverse Childhood Experiences (AEC) within this context. Psychology, when analyzing health, socio-historical and political aspects, recognizes the influence of EAIs on human development. The general objective of this work is to understand the routine of professionals from the Family Health Strategy Program (ESF) in relation to Adverse Experiences in Childhood (AIs) in their work environment at the Estrela D’Alva health unit and in the community served. The specific objective is to develop a conceptual matrix that addresses EAIs in the context of the Estrela D'Alva health unit, using Bronfenbrenner's Bioecological Theory of Human Development as a theoretical basis. To explore these experiences, interviews were conducted with professionals who work in the Family Health Strategy Program (ESF), at the health unit located in the Estrela D'Alva neighborhood, in Goiânia, Goiás. A semi-structured script was used during the interviews, in the in which 20 FHS professionals shared their routines, experiences and adverse experiences related to work, as well as their consequences for child development. Bardin's Content Analysis method was used, therefore in the light of qualitative reality. The results showed that the topics covered are closely linked to the reality of work in family health, situations of growth and development, the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the vulnerabilities of early childhood and the precariousness of the physical structure of the health unit, in addition to of the overload faced by professionals. The final considerations highlight the limitations of the research and point to possibilities for monitoring and evaluating public health policies for early childhood, such as the importance of effective public policies, highlighting the need to monitor and evaluate such policies, considering the risk and protection factors for mental health at this crucial stage of life.
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    O não-todo significante do feminino em Lacan
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-05-10) Braga, Leticia Ferreira; Burgarelli, Cristóvão Giovani;; Burgarelli, Cristóvão Giovani; Marques, Rodrigo Vieira; Souza, Elizabeth Cristina Landi de Lima e
    The present work aimed to investigate how the feminine position happens in relation to the significant Other (A), the phallic significant, in Lacan. For that, a cut of the Lacanian route was chosen, in which the focus is that the female position has the characteristic of being not-whole in front of the phallic meaning. A research consenting to the bias that the sexual position is not limited to genders, to body anatomies, on the contrary, it is about signifiers. Thus, initially this research revisits the freudian theory of the Oedipus Complex, through which the enigma of the feminine will be put into perspective, in a dialogue with authors who agree that the feminine position is related to the signifier of the phallic function, but that something escapes the significance that the Other has. Then, this work puts in view that the incompleteness that fundamentally characterizes the place of the Other (A) is announced in a lacanian way by understanding the signifier of the barred Other, S(Ⱥ), precisely what in freudian theory is left in suspense of that escaped the phallic law in the said girls, due to the fact that this incidence comes from the field of the mother's desire, the feminine, therefore, which, in turn, takes into account what also escaped the phallic law. It is, in this sense, therefore, versed in the work that the Other is the field in which the subject gains consistency, since the subject is what a signifier represents to another signifier; however, jouissance being that which points to something that is of the order of an event of the body that is neither founded nor guaranteed in the relationship with the Other, the mode of jouissance in the feminine position is shown to be crossed by the symbolic, but there is something else in this enjoyment mode. The phallic signifier appears; however, it does not contain what the feminine represents. That is why its logic is that of being not-all phallic and, in the face of phallic jouissance, the mode of operation of its jouissance, which will be unique to each of the women, also announces another logic, supplementary and from which it is only semi-true says because it doesn't close.
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    O laço contorna o vazio: um estudo de caso sobre a experiência subjetiva materna no contexto da pandemia da covid-19
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-05-29) Andrade, Débora Damacena de; Roure, Susie Amâncio Gonçalves de;; Roure, Susie Amâncio Gonçalves de; Lima, Priscilla Melo Ribeiro de; Lima, Priscilla Melo Ribeiro de
    The present study aimed to analyze, from a psychoanalytic perspective and through the narrative of the construction of her motherhood, the subjective experience of a woman who became a mother in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. We know that the pandemic scenario has caused important psychosocial transformations around the world. In the specific context of motherhood, the pandemic experience brought unique challenges for women who gave birth during this period. Therefore, to achieve the proposed objective, we based the research on psychoanalytic theory. The bond between mother and baby is fundamental for the individual's psychological development, and the experience of motherhood is marked by unconscious conflicts and fantasies related to identification, narcissism, and sexuality. During the pandemic, the experience of motherhood was even more challenging, as mothers had to face a series of difficulties, including fear of contagion, difficulty accessing medical care, and lack of social and emotional support. To deepen the study of this experience, we used the case study as a research method and narrative interviews as a way of apprehending the maternal subjective experience. In the analyzed case, the interviewee shows the ambivalences of motherhood; however, she finds in her experience with her son, in the mother-baby bond, a contour for a void resulting from her life history and the pandemic context. With this study, we were able to conclude that the social and emotional effects of the Covid-19 pandemic involved the potentiation of conflicts and issues present in the participant's life history for her experience with motherhood. Therefore, we highlight the importance that psychological intervention had on the interviewee's experience, who mentioned several times how this process of confronting her insecurities and anxieties in a welcoming space was important to elaborate her conflicts.
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    Por uma ética da falta: abertura à repetição diferencial
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-04-24) Rocha, Isabela Fontes; Burgarelli, Cristóvão Giovani;; Burgarelli, Cristóvão Giovani; Santos, Altair José dos; Guimarães, Bruno de Almeida
    The path outlined in this dissertation, based on the four fundamental concepts listed by Lacan in Seminar, Book 11, addresses the theme of the ethics of psychoanalysis, the clinical context, and the samples extracted in analysis as laws that permeate desire. The research consists of a literature review that describes the theoretical path traced by Lacan in Seminar, Book 07, with the aim of bridging the field of ethics with the field of morbid lack represented in the concept of the object a. This endeavor begins with the ethical issues inherent in the fundamental concepts, encompasses the process of subject formation, and ends with the reflections that the moral field assumes the presentification of the Real as such. The work draws on myths to reveal the constitutive division and impasses of becoming a subject in a field that belongs to the Other and, therefore, is lacking. The morbid lack causes attraction and horror to the subject and also drives them to search for the lost object, das Ding. It is possible to observe that the law, which arises as the effect of the object a, will be a trait that repeats itself like a malign fate, that is, a ghost that shapes everything from the fantasies of the absolute Other to the impasses of desire. The research notes the field of impossibility in which ethics is inserted, since any vicissitude of the drive will leave the inherent discomfort of the death drive. It can be inferred that psychoanalysis provides a subjective destitution that results in a subject warned of the limits of the Symbolic, the aggressiveness of the Imaginary, and the anguish of the Real, and that its ethics, despite being based on the impossible, that is, on what cannot be denied, allows for the opening for each subject to invent a singular form of differential repetition.
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    Contribuições da crítica materialista histórica feminista para confrontar a hegemonia psicológica: opressão das mulheres e família no Brasil para além da psicologia crítica e do feminismo
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-06-26) Resende, Nicole Soares; Lacerda Júnior, Fernando;; Lacerda Junior, Fernando; Paiva, Ilana Lemos de; Santos, Lívia Gomes dos
    In this research, we aim to contribute to the historical materialist feminist critique to confront the foundations of Psychology based on the oppression of women and families in Brazil. To achieve this, we anchor ourselves in the theoretical framework of historical-dialectical materialism and marxist feminism. From some critical foundations that allowed us to reflect on Critical Psychology and feminism, both of post-structuralist bias, we conclude that Psychology, as a science and profession, is rooted in the bourgeois society's need to use science to maintain its hegemony. Attempts at reformulation that consider themselves independent from historical processes reinforce the psychological hegemony in which its foundations were established. Therefore, we choose the historical materialist feminist critique to understand the oppression of women and families without resorting to Critical Psychology and feminism as particular specialties that hold the true knowledge about social beings. This theoretical-ontological basis enables us to situate the object in the universality of capitalism and identify that the material axis of women's oppression is the sexual division of labor, a particularity of capitalist society that inaugurated the fragmentation between productive and reproductive work. We understand that the bourgeoisie produces and instrumentalizes the inequality between men and women and the social role of the family as a unit of social reproduction to foster capitalism in peripheral and central countries. The specificities of the Brazilian context are colonialism and enslavement, in which the enslaved Black woman serves as the foundation for dependent capitalism through stigmatization, overexploitation, and invisibility. Through the historical materialist feminist critique, we manage to know the roots and material bases of the oppression of women and families and highlight the particularities of dependent capitalism, enabling us to advance towards the radical transformation of society by facing it in its concrete reality and not naturalizing historical processes. Thus, we can strengthen social movements and create strategies of struggle and confrontation beyond the abstraction of psychological hegemony.