A mulher e os laços de família em Arquitetura do arco-íris, de Cíntia Moscovich

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Universidade Federal de Goiás
This study inquires how the family relationships of the protagonists of the short stories in Arquitetura do arco-íris (2004), Cíntia Moscovich’s production, are constructed. The book is divided into two parts, entitled "Dispersão da luz: Arco-celeste” and “Espectro Solar: O arco-de-deus". For the research, the stories that emphasize the role women perform in family relationships were selected. Thus, from the first part of the book, the short stories "“O telhado e o violinista” e “Cartografia” and, from the second part “O escândalo das estrelas na noite”, “Os laços e os nós, os brancos e os azuis”, “O arco-íris à meia noite” and “Bonita como a lua”. In general, the short stories of the selected book focus on the family constitution of the characters, so that the human complexity is thought from situations that take place in the domestic environment. In their majority, the narratives deal with women's desires and longings, their personal relationships, motherhood, and conjugality, in opposition to socially crystallized notions of truth. In this sense, discussions related to women authorship and to social constructions of gender shed light on the place of women in the family. As critical-theorical foundation, the studies of Lúcia Osana Zolin (2004), Constância Lima Duarte (2019), Elaine Showalter (1994) among others will be convened.
LIMA, E. C. A mulher e os laços de família em Arquitetura do arco-íris, de Cíntia Moscovich. 2021. 100 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Letras e Linguística) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2021.