Intervenções urbanas como estratégia no ensino de artes visuais: experimentações artísticas no espaço público

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Universidade Federal de Goiás
This thesis is the result of a Professional Master’s research of the Postgraduate Program in Basic Education’s Teaching (PPGEEB), of the Teaching and Applied Research to Education Center (CEPAE), from the Federal University of Goiás (UFG). There has been noticed, through our experience, that there is a deficiency in basic education, to understand the school as a teaching space capable of developing artistic and argumentative visualities, which directly deals with the individual development and its subjectivities. Hence, we propose the conducting of this urban interventions’ study, in an attempt to contribute with a discussion about its potential in the school’s sphere. The urban interventions are established as fields of meaning that cross a set of historical, political, economic, cultural, social, and aesthetic relations, whose meanings permeate the processes in which they are constituted. How could an urban intervention project work on the critical development of students as belonging to and authors of the public space? The current research has as its main objective the creation of a study group with public high school students, in order to understand the public environment as a potential space for the construction of artistic and questioning visualities, aiming the urban intervention deliberation as a way of forming the critical sense. Additionally, it is intended to create some artistic pedagogical possibilities, generating, as an outcome, the stimulation of the student’s role in the public space, allowing it to adjust based on the urban context and its social reality. In that sense, the social aspect is seen as a conflictive dimension, in which the school is the result of the actions and visions of individuals. Action research is the basis for supporting the work, creating a process of interventionist investigation, which takes into consideration the elaboration and the artistic production application. It also encompasses studies about contemporary art movements, mainly urban interventions, and their social reverberations, combined with studies of visual culture in the school environment. The intention is to reflect over the artistic manifestations, dedicating attention to the look, its production, intervention, and its conflicting social relations. This thesis has the virtual exhibition as an educational product, the process is documented and systematized, and that generates a didactic sequence in a digital format. The educational product is entitled: “Virtual exhibition: urban messages” and includes the didactic sequence of the pedagogical experience carried out with some students. The investigation underwent changes during the process due to the COVID-19 pandemic and, for that reason, was adapted and developed remotely, with the participation of eleven students from a 1st year high school class.
NASCIMENTO, S. R. Intervenções urbanas como estratégia no ensino de artes visuais: experimentações artísticas no espaço público. 2022. 129 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Ensino na Educação Básica) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2022.