Sobre princesas e heróis: questões de gênero na publicidade de artigos infantis

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Universidade Federal de Goiás
This research proposes the analysis of social representations of gender identity reproduced in the context of children’s plays, from selected toys ads in several types of virtual stores. Although social relationships may have an incisive role in the reproduction of gender representations, also books, movies, music and toys, are symbolic objects of representation. In this sense, this study aims to discuss the inserted discursive practices in our current society model from a study about the statements about gender relations in the media, through a linguistic-discursive perspective that takes into account the speech, based on Foucault (1926 - 1984) and his study of the body and sexuality, in addition to feminist interpretations of gender, power and body, based on Foucault. It is within the power networks that are established and named the differences and inequalities, and by gender and media you can see ways to distribute and mean power, as well as the mechanisms that put the body in a political field of utility and docility, making room for the creation of inequalities and hierarchies. Thus, linguistic and semiotic categories were designed to analyze the ways in which advertising promotes gender distinction in the selected ads, including images, colors and texts. The analysis of these categories showed that the commercials reinforce discriminatory statements that regulate and constrain behavior ideals of gender, according to social expectations, excluding those who do not conform to socially acceptable.
Silva, M. F. da. Sobre princesas e heróis: questões de gênero na publicidade de artigos infantis. 2015. 104 f. Dissertação (mestrado em Letras e Linguística) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2015.