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Tipo do documento: Artigo
Título: Isolation and biological characterisation of a new isolate of Neospora caninum from an asymptomatic calf in Brazil
Autor: Melo, Débora Pereira Garcia
Regidor Cerrillo, Javier
Mora, Luis Miguel Ortega
Collantes Fernandez, Esther
Oliveira, Vanessa Silvestre Ferreira de
Oliveira, Milton Adriano Pelli de
Silva, Andréa Caetano da
Abstract: Neospora caninum is a tissue-cyst forming parasite that has been recognized worldwide as a cause of abortion in cattle. De- spite the ubiquitous distribution of this parasite and its broad range of hosts, the number of N. caninum isolates obtained to date is limited. In addition, the majority of isolates have been obtained from clinically affected hosts, therefore potentially biasing this population towards more virulent isolates. This report describes the isolation and biological characterisation of a new N. caninum isolate, Nc-Goiás 1, obtained from an asymptomatic, naturally infected calf from Brazil. This new isolate was iden- tified as a member of the N. caninum species by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using specific primers based on the N. cani- num internal transcribed spacer 1 (ITS-1) sequence, and was genetically identified at multiple loci using microsatellite analy- sis. Finally, a pathogenicity study was conducted in a BALB/c mice model. All Nc-Goiás 1-infected mice survived without ex- hibiting any clinical signs. Further pathogenic characterisation of this isolate suggested that Nc-Goiás 1 is less virulent than other N. caninum isolates (Nc-Liv and Nc-1) studied in this mouse model. This is the first report of the isolation and biological char- acterisation of N. caninum from an infected but clinically healthy calf in South America.
Palavras-chave: Neospora caninum
Pathogenic characterisation
Genetic characterisation
País: Outros
Unidade acadêmica: Instituto de Patologia Tropical e Saúde Pública - IPTSP (RG)
Citação: GARCÍA-MELO, Debora Pereira; REGIDOR-CERRILLO, Javier ; ORTEGA-MORA, Luis Miguel; COLLANTES-FERNÁNDEZ, Esther; OLIVEIRA, Vanessa Silvestre Ferreira ; OLIVEIRA, Milton Adriano Pelli de; SILVA, Andrea Caetano da. Isolation and biological characterisation of a new isolate of Neospora caninum from an asymptomatic calf in Brazil. Acta Parasitologica, Warsaw, v. 54, n. 2, p. 180-185, 2009.
Tipo de acesso: Acesso Aberto
Identificador do documento: 10.2478/s11686-009-0018-2
Identificador do documento: 10.2478/s11686-009-0018-2
Data de publicação: 2009
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