Prevalência de parasitos intestinais em Goiânia

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Ruy de Souza Lino Júnior


The stools from 2702 inhabitants of Goiânia were examincd and the results were analyzed and expressed in 6 tables. 84,9% were natural from Goiás; 14,99% carne from other states and 0,11% were foreigners. Intestinal helminths were observed in 68,1% of cases; the highest incidence was ancylostomidae with 28,3%; Schistosoma mansoni was found in 1,8% — no autochthonous case was observed. The foreigners did not harbor any exotic parasites. The most frequent intestinal protozoa were Entamoeba coli, in 22,5% of cases; Giardia lamblia — 12,7%; Entamoeba histolytica — in only 0,70% . Simple parasitism (only a single type of parasyte) occurred most frequently — 33,49% of cases. Of the 420 patients infected by hookworm, 11,8% also harbored Stronglyloides stercoralis.




EVANGELISTA, Alfredo; KOMMA, Margarida Dobler; SANTOS, Maria Alves Queiroz dos. Prevalência de parasitos intestinais em Goiânia. Revista de Patologia Tropical, Goiânia, v. 1, n. 1, p. 51- 61, jan./mar. 1972. Disponível em: <>.