4D-QSAR: perspectives in drug design


Drug design is a process driven by innovation and technological breakthroughs involving a combination of advanced experimental and computational methods. A broad variety of medicinal chemistry approaches can be used for the identification of hits, generation of leads, as well as to accelerate the optimization of leads into drug candidates. The quantitative structure–activity relationship (QSAR) formalisms are among the most important strategies that can be applied for the successful design new molecules. This review provides a comprehensive review on the evolution and current status of 4D-QSAR, highlighting present challenges and new opportunities in drug design.



Drug Design, QSAR, 4D-QSAR, Structure-based QSAR


ANDRADE, Carolina H.; PASQUALOTO, Kerly F. M.; FERREIRA, Elizabeth I.; HOPFINGER, Anton J. 4D-QSAR: perspectives in drug design. Molecules, Basel, v. 15, p. 3281-3294, 2010.