Resultados preliminares com a associação da sulformetoxina à pirimetamina sob a forma injetável * no tratamento da malária por plasmodium falciparum

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Ruy de Souza Lino Júnior


The parenteral combination of sulfamethoxine + pyrimethamine was tested in 25 patients with malária due to P. falciparum Two dosage schedules were followed. One group of 14 oligosymptomatic patients with low paràsitemia received a single I.M. dose. The second group of eleven patients with severe clinicai manífestations and high parasitemia reçeived one daily intramuscular injection for two days. Blood smear controis revealed that in the first group the asexual forms disappeared between the 2nd 4th days after treatment in ali 14 patients. 10 patients of the second group showed negative blood smears between the 3rd and 6th days and one patient died. Two relapses occurred in the group and one was observed in, the second group during a control period of cure of 30 days. The patients remained hospitalizes during this time. It is concluded that the association of these two drugs when administered parenterally is well tolerated and highly effective for the treatment of severe forms of P. falciparum malária in which oral administration of drugs is often impracticable.




ALMEIDA NETO, Joaquim Caetano de; VASCONCELOS, Wanderlei Montenegro de Pitaluga. Preliminary results of parenteral administration of a combination of sulfamethoxine and pyrimethamine for the treatment of plasmodium falciparum malaria. Revista de Patologia Tropical, Goiânia, v. 1, n. 2, p. 251- 258, abr./jun. 1972. Disponível em: <>.