Aspectos físico-químicos e microbiológicos da urina, pH e consistência das fezes de matrizes suínas suplementadas com ácido cítrico e cloreto de amônio

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Urinary infection is a multifactorial disease, very common in swine herds worldwide, is considered a major cause of reproductive failure that adversely affect the productivity levels of swine. In control of this infection has been frequently used acidifiers the urine. The present study was to evaluate the action of two acidifying, citric acid and ammonium chloride, used to control urinary tract infection, on the physico-chemical and microbiological tests of urine, pH, color and consistency of the feces of swine females in production. We used 48 pregnant females divided into six groups: control (-): females without urinary infection; control (+): females with infection, acid (-): females without infection receiving citric acid, acid (+): infected females receiving citric acid, chloride (-): females without infection receiving ammonium chloride, chloride (+): females with infection receiving ammonium chloride. Were collected samples of urine and feces on days zero, seven and 15 of treatment to perform on the physical-chemical and microbiological analysis. The urinary variables studied were: color, odor, pH, density, protein, sediment and bacterial count. The feces samples were evaluated for pH, color and consistency. The results showed that ammonium chloride was able to reduce the urinary pH, but did not affect the other urinary parameters. Since citric acid showed effect on the color of the urine with a tendency to yellow. The citric acid reduced the bacteriology count. The two acidifiers didn t can reduce the bacterial count, demonstrating that they did not have a bactericidal or bacteriostatic action. The pH of feces increased after supplementation with citric acid and ammonium chloride



OLIVEIRA, Fábio Henrique de. The physical, chemical and microbiological urine, stool consistency and pH of sows supplemented with citric acid and ammonium chloride. 2010. 73 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Ciências Agrárias - Veterinaria) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2010.