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Contribuições da crítica materialista histórica feminista para confrontar a hegemonia psicológica: opressão das mulheres e família no Brasil para além da psicologia crítica e do feminismo
(Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-06-26) Resende, Nicole Soares; Lacerda Júnior, Fernando;; Lacerda Júnior, Fernando; Paiva, Ilana Lemos de; Santos, Lívia Gomes dos
In this research, we aim to contribute to the historical materialist feminist critique to confront the foundations of Psychology based on the oppression of women and families in Brazil. To achieve this, we anchor ourselves in the theoretical framework of historical-dialectical materialism and marxist feminism. From some critical foundations that allowed us to reflect on Critical Psychology and feminism, both of post-structuralist bias, we conclude that Psychology, as a science and profession, is rooted in the bourgeois society's need to use science to maintain its hegemony. Attempts at reformulation that consider themselves independent from historical processes reinforce the psychological hegemony in which its foundations were established. Therefore, we choose the historical materialist feminist critique to understand the oppression of women and families without resorting to Critical Psychology and feminism as particular specialties that hold the true knowledge about social beings. This theoretical-ontological basis enables us to situate the object in the universality of capitalism and identify that the material axis of women's oppression is the sexual division of labor, a particularity of capitalist society that inaugurated the fragmentation between productive and reproductive work. We understand that the bourgeoisie produces and instrumentalizes the inequality between men and women and the social role of the family as a unit of social reproduction to foster capitalism in peripheral and central countries. The specificities of the Brazilian context are colonialism and enslavement, in which the enslaved Black woman serves as the foundation for dependent capitalism through stigmatization, overexploitation, and invisibility. Through the historical materialist feminist critique, we manage to know the roots and material bases of the oppression of women and families and highlight the particularities of dependent capitalism, enabling us to advance towards the radical transformation of society by facing it in its concrete reality and not naturalizing historical processes. Thus, we can strengthen social movements and create strategies of struggle and confrontation beyond the abstraction of psychological hegemony.
Decolonialidade e uma educação antirracista no ensino de artes: escrevivências e resistências
(Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-07-25) Andrade, Vanessa Silva; Dering, Renato de Oliveira;; Ferreira, Glauco Batista;; Ferreira, Glauco Batista; Abreu, Carla Luzia de; Santos, Noeli Batista dos; Dering, Renato de Oliveira
The relationship between art teaching and the importance of visual culture is intrinsic, since thinking about visual culture is thinking about the constitution of society and the individuals who are part of it. However, throughout the history of education, the teaching of Arts has been anchored in a perspective, sometimes historiographical, sometimes to enumerate and punctuate characteristics about certain aspects or avant-gardes, reducing another type of proposal: reflection and criticism about this language. Therefore, there is, in this context, a trivialization of this curricular component at school, which, in turn, promoted - and still promotes - various forms of social prejudice, such as racism, which occurs through reproductions that come from a view of a given cultural and economic elite. When we understand this proposal, we notice that education has principles that dialogue with coloniality, discussed by Quijano (1992), Mignolo (2017) and other decolonials. In summary, a form of domination of bodies through massified knowledge imposed on all subjects, contributing to a racist education. The purpose of this work, written anchored in “escrevivência”, a concept by Conceição Evaristo (2020) and speech place by Djamila Ribeiro (2017), is to promote a critique of this view through a reflection on an anti-racist education. Thus, the research problem is to understand the importance of working with art in the classroom in order to contribute to a social and cultural reflection of society. That said, the general objective of this research is to question the absence of racial debate in art teaching. To this end, the study outlines the reflection on my trajectory and how I experienced the different forms of racism, as well as presenting possibilities for an anti-racist debate in art teaching through my experiences, understanding that this agenda is essential in teaching practice, since it is a necessary action to think about teaching art from a decolonial perspective. Based on the fact that it is in education that subjects become active agents in their learning process, the teaching of visual arts is an important tool for criticizing these preconceived models. The research, therefore, brings its contributions by proposing a new perspective to think about the teaching of arts in schools and, in this way, erasing coloniality through anti-racist educational “vivências”.
O uso do princípio de indução matemática no ensino básico
(Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-29) Goiaz Junior, Gethsemani Saraiva de; Gomes, Alacyr José;; Gomes, Alacyr José; Santos, Ronaldo Antônio dos; Vasconcelos, José Eder Salvador de
The principle of finite induction is a useful and rigorous tool for mathematical proofs whose conjectures are related to the set of natural numbers. However, the use of this principle for verifications in basic education is still greatly underutilized. In this work, we intend not only to demonstrate the importance of using this strong principle but also to provide study material and support for students and teachers, based on the National Common Curricular Base (BNCC). We present various demonstrations for elementary and secondary education, covering several proposed content in these stages of education. We suggest propositions for further exploration, which can be used as pathways for high school education. We also believe that this work can spark interest and expand the use of the principle of finite induction in the teaching of mathematics and other curriculum components.
Potencial do sensoriamento remoto aéreo e orbital na análise do manejo integrado do fogo: um estudo de caso no Parque Nacional Chapada dos Guimarães, Mato Grosso
(Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-01-24) Costa, João Vitor Silva; Nunes, Gustavo Manzon;; Ferreira, Manuel Eduardo;; Ferreira, Manuel Eduardo; Faria, Karla Maria Silva de; Araújo, Fernando Moreira de; Nunes, Gustavo Manzon
Fire is an element of great protagonism in the Cerrado. It occurs naturally since the beginning of the biome, playing an important role in the maintenance of this rich ecosystem. With the intensification of the anthropic occupation process, which started in the mid-1950s, the recurrence of forest fires grew excessively, largely due to the use of fire as a conversion tool. In the period from 1985 to 2020, approximately one third of the Cerrado territory experienced some fire event, with areas with very high recurrence. Years with more than 10 million hectares burned have been recorded. In recent years, environmental managers have started to adopt the prescribed burning practice, not only for building firebreaks, but also as a way to control the amount of vegetation biomass, which is the fuel for forest fires. This and other practices make up the Integrated Fire Management. In this context, this project aims to understand the potential of aerial and orbital remote sensing in the analysis of Integrated Fire Management, using time series of satellite images, and data obtained in loco by the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS). The results achieved showed better potential in the use of Drones due to the level of detail of the data, capable of providing information at the understory level. This detail becomes more important when fire management is carried out at the beginning of the dry season, and biomass control is lower. It is worth mentioning that, even less effective in analyzing early burning, the satellite images, Sentinel-2, had satisfactory results for analyzing burning in the months of June and July, registering a correlation between data of R² = 0.71.
Policiclos em sistemas de Filippov planares
(Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-07-27) Souza, Alessandra Carlos de; Gomide, Otávio Marçal Leandro;; Gomide, Otávio Marçal Leandro; Cristiano, Rony; Lima, Dahisy Valadão de Souza
In this work, we study the local structure of planar Filippov systems around low codi mension Σ−singularities and we analyze systems presenting polycycles passing through Σ−singularities. In this way, we analyze Poincaré maps (associated with such polycycles) and determine bifurcation diagrams of Filippov systems around these minimal sets. More specifically, we study the generic bifurcation of a Filippov system around a global con nection passing through a visible fold-regular singularity, the so-called critical crossing cycle and we show that, under smale pertubations, such connection breaks originating étther a sliding cycle or a crossing limit cycle. We also study a planar Filippov system model around a certain Σ−singularity called Fold-Cusp, where a fold and a cusp meet and we show the existence of a critical crossing cycle bifurcations from such singularity in an unfolding of this system. In addition, we exhibit the bifurcation diagram of this unfolding.