O circuito cultural brasileiro e a crítica de cinema: um estudo sobre a recepção especializada dos filmes de Mazzaropi

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


With success with the public and the maintenance of a powerful national film industry over approximately thirty years, São Paulo filmmaker Amácio Mazzaropi was continuously evaluated by specialized critics between the 1950s and 1980s. comics by the filmmaker, addressed political and social issues characteristic of Brazilian society such as racism, machismo, exploitation of the worker, rural exodus, gentrification caused by the emergence of cities, among others. Even so, his productions were considered alienating, repetitive, simplistic, conformist and technically fragile. The objective of this thesis was to understand the critical reception that the works received over the years. We investigate Mazzaropian cinema within a social and historical context, in order to include them in the film analysis, going beyond the imagistic and semantic aspects of the films. Therefore, we sought to understand Mazzaropi's cinema, observing its history, evolution and relations with the national reality and also to understand the context of Brazilian cinema during the artist's production period. The theoretical-methodological paths of the research are linked to the fields of Cultural Studies and Cultural Performances, and Richard Johnson's Culture Circuit was chosen as the theoretical methodological path for the development of the analyses. Three films by Mazzaropi were analyzed: Sai da Frente, Meu Japão Brasileiro and Jeca e Seu Filho Preto, each one corresponding to a decade of work by the filmmaker, in the first as an actor and in the last two as an actor and owner of his production company. to Amacio Mazzaropi Productions. The films were selected from the texts of critics found in the press. From the large amount of reviews researched on electronic sites such as Hemeroteca Digital and digital collections of periodicals, we selected those with the highest density and written by professionals with a relevant professional trajectory in the cinematographic field. In this way, from the bibliographic research and analysis, through the Culture Circuit, of the selected films and the reviews published about them in the press of the time, we obtained a greater knowledge about the Mazzaropian production and we found evidence that proves that the place and the time in which the reviews were written influenced the specialized reception of the filmmaker's work. Thus, we found that the social, political and historical context in which the films were released influenced the critics' reading and that the approach to social problems, through comics, prevented a less stereotyped specialized reading of Mazzaropi's films.



JUNQUEIRA, J. O circuito cultural brasileiro e a crítica de cinema: um estudo sobre a recepção especializada dos filmes de Mazzaropi. 2022. 398 f. Tese (Doutorado em Performances Culturais) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2022.