Performatividade tecnológica: a emergência de uma nova cultura na saúde

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The present study aimed to discuss the role of technology in the development of a performativity that transforms the health area and favors the emergence of a new culture. The theoretical framework used includes contributions from Philosophy, Technoscience, Anthropology, Data Science, Medicine and Cultural Performances, among others, evidencing the interdisciplinary character of the topic addressed. An analytical and comparative methodology was used, with bibliographic data collection, analysis of computational algorithms used in the health area and critical reflection for the elaboration of a new thesis on the subject. The work shows how the human being is endowed with a body that undergoes a datafication process, where the generated data feed artifacts and systems that acquire their own ontological status, establishing a human-machine dialogic relationship. The importance of this study lies in the discussion about the transformations that society is subjected to when incorporating new digital tools, especially in health, emerging a new culture that will guide the future. The present work evidences a reordering of the health field from the technological performativity, which provides efficiency, quality and safety gains, in addition to promoting a collaborative and patient-centered posture, providing an adequate environment for the emergence of a new Medicine, fruit of of the fusion of Science and Art, Technique and Poetics.



SANTOS, M. O. N. Performatividade tecnológica: a emergência de uma nova cultura na saúde. 2023. 242 f. Tese (Doutorado em Performances Culturais) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2023.