Paideía filosófica:o sentido da formação n'a república de Platão

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This work is part of the research line "Fundamentals of educational processes" and discusses the meaning of philosophical paideía, the human n' The Republic. Of bibliographical and theoretical in the Greek sense of the term, this work is a quest for the meaning of being and education. This sense, we now seem to have lost sight of their arkhé, guiding principle of the formation of man, in view of the ideal of paideía. At that time the discourse and pedagogical practice restricted to limited understanding and poor education confused with the school as if these terms were synonymous, Greek philosophy teaches that the télos, the end of education is the conversion of the soul to the Well. Socrates leads the educator of today to gestate ideas and concepts thinking of the real through lógos, and questioning established knowledge by the exercise of maiêutica. Education is fully realized as periagogé, motion of rotating the look from the sensible to the intelligible plan, rising to perfection, the areté is the virtue which leads to overcoming limits and allows the realization of the potentialities of man in the tireless search for eudaimonía, happiness. To think with Plato the problems of education means to interrogate the sense of collective life, the éthos, the world of culture, creating and instituting rules, concerns the scope of the freedom and autonomy of thought for the first time in history, as the Greek form of participation effective decisions in the direction of the pólis. The realization that this has its foundations based on tradition, justifies the return to the genesis of philosophy, chosen path for thinking this investigation. The Platonic theory of Forms as conceptual matrix enables raising up the realm of superficiality, coming out of the plane of the shadows of the real in search for truth, what makes it is formation to be the humanity of man.



BOLLIS, Silvana. Paideía filosófica:o sentido da formação n'a república de Platão. 2013. 102 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2013.