Mal-estar/bem-estar e profissionalização docente: um estudo de produções acadêmicas brasileiras

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The theme of this work is Teachers’ Uneasiness and Welfare links to the Research Line Teachers’ Formation, Professionalization and educational practices, which shelters the REDECEDNTRO, a Brazilian Middle East researchers’ net. With basis on the historical-dialectical materialistic method and on qualitative approach principles, this research constitutes itself as a knowledge state and it characterizes itself as a bibliographic research. Having the general aim of understanding and systematizing the contributions of Brazilian academic productions about teachers’ uneasiness and welfare (2007-2011) and its relations to teachers’ professionalization process in fundamental school, were selected in CAPES Portal and in Brazilian Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (BDBTD) ten dissertations, which were read integrally. As specific aims, the work searched, at first to understand: the teachers’ work and professionalization process in basic education and its relation to teachers’ uneasiness/welfare. Second. to understand the conceptions of teachers’ uneasiness and teachers’ welfare; third, to analyze the academic productions that broach this subject and its relationship to fundamental teaching; fourth, to indicate the contributions of the productions and conceptions of teachers’ uneasiness/welfare to understanding the professionalization process of fundamental schooling teachers. For doing that, in the first chapter was made a historical trajectory of teachers’ formation where was shown that it happened by means of forward and backward movements. We understand that policies of teachers’ formation, especially after 1990, incited a slight made, vulgar and flexible formation. We understand teachers’ professionalization as concept assumed by the educational policies and reformations aiming at defining a new teachers’ profile and new formation models. In second chapter, one pondered over the concepts of teachers’ uneasiness and welfare in educational literature, in which, generally uneasiness is not analyzed in its articulations to educational policies. In turn, one accepts Welfare from a resilience perspective that aims at developing strategies and abilities in order to make people adapt to uneasiness conditions. We understand teachers’ uneasiness and welfare as related to the dictates of educational policies while catalyzers of intensification and alienation of teachers’ work. We understand welfare as a consequence of teachers’ collective strengthening in defense of their interests, while they struggle in opposite to those policies that (un)professionalize and (de)form the teachers. In the third chapter, we perceive that the ten dissertations analyzed reinforce the conception of the educational academic productions in which uneasiness seems misarticulated from political, epistemological and methodological conditioners while welfare links to resilience perspective. We have seen too that the productions reinforce the hegemonic concept of professionalization adopted by the contemporary educational policies reproducing the competence speeches of a reflexive teacher, which broadcasts the idea of a pragmatical education, turned to market and attending to the capitalist system exigencies.



MACHADO, Larissa Araújo Bastos. Mal-estar/bem-estar e profissionalização docente: um estudo de produções acadêmicas brasileiras. 2014. 132 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2014.