A apropriação dos aspectos constituintes da atividade pedagógica por professores de matemática em formação inicial

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The present research is inserted in a reality marked by the lack of pedagogical clarity on 'how to organize' the processes of initial formation of Mathematics teachers and the teaching of Mathematics at schools. The purpose of this study was to investigate the actions of Mathematics teachers in formation to understand the process of appropriation of the constituent aspects of their pedagogical activities. In order to achieve this goal, we started from the understanding that thinking about the problem of the organization of teaching learning in Mathematics implies understanding the aspects of the pedagogical activity of this teacher as an object of investigation. In connection with this objective and object of research, we organized ourselves to answer the following question: What teachers in formation`s actions give evidence of the development of the constituent aspects of the appropriation process of the Mathematics teacher`s pedagogical activity? In this sense, we sought to apprehend beyond the pseudoconcrete appearance and its singular and particular expressions, to identify the essential relations that constitute and define that peculiar social activity in which teachers and their students are engaged as agents of transformation of the surrounding reality. The empirical data for the analysis were obtained based on the development of a training experiment carried out with ten senior student teachers who were attending the Supervised Internship II course of their Mathematics Program in an IES (Higher Education Institution) in Goiás. The theoretical basis was the Cultural Historical Theory and the philosophical and methodological foundations that derive from Historical-Dialectical Materialism. The categories of movement, contradiction, qualitative change and totality, and the concept of consciousness were highlighted. From the data three units of analysis were build: 1st - The indications of appropriation of the lesson plan as an aspect of the pedagogical activity; 2nd - Contents: the understanding of its role; 3rd - Evaluation: integrating element of the pedagogical activity. In line with the units, episodes were build, consisting of scenes from which the flashes were taken. This analytical structure was able to develop the appreciation of the constitution of teaching learning through the Mathematics teaching of basic education. Therefore, the objective was to apprehend what the aspects that constitute the pedagogical activity of the Mathematics teacher would be. The results achieved stress three aspects: planning, content and evaluation, and they also highlighted the interface between them, being it understood as a system in which these elements mutually condition one another, making it a possible universal trait of pedagogical activity of the mathematics teacher in the totality of the capitalist society. The data also showed the formation of principles for the organization of the formative process of Mathematics teachers, connected to the teaching of Mathematics in basic education. They also highlighted that the relationship between the aspects of the pedagogical activity planning-content-assessment is not presented to the teacher in a pure way and can not be thought of in itself, but within the interdependences in reciprocal conditioning movement. In addition, data point that the relation of the aspects of pedagogical activity is manifested and accomplished in a unique way, the teacher has to organize it considering the classroom heterogeneity and recognizing the development as a singular-particular expression of universal laws inherent to the subject. Thus, the student teacher´s knowledge on the general laws and driving forces of the development of a universal-abstract character must articulate with the mathematical knowledge on the particular circumstances of the improvement of his/her students. Therefore, it reveals the particular-concrete expression of general laws, in a movement of ascension from the abstract to the concrete.



SILVA, Maria Marta da. A apropriação dos aspectos constituintes da atividade pedagógica por professores de matemática em formação inicial. 2018. 307 f. Tese (Doutorado em Educação em Ciências e Matemática) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2018.