Abordagem dos princípios da Química Verde por meio do lúdico na formação ambiental de profissionais da química

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The environmental questions have been put forward for discussion in the formation of Chemistry professionals since the 20th Century’s end and the 21st Century’s beginning. In this context, the Green Chemistry (GC), even though is a recent perspective for the chemists’ professional formation, needs to be inserted in the formative discussions extent of students and industrial chemists. Even though it comes as an evaluation aspect in the chemists formation, being even a requested content in the Student Performance Nation Exam (SPNE), there are still gaps regarding the theme’s insertion throughout the graduation. Considering such aspect, this research aimed at making a documentary survey from the Chemistry Course Pedagogical Projects (CPP) in the state of Goias to identify the Green Chemistry theme’s presence in the referred pedagogical proposals. Beyond that, it was proposed the theme insertion in the Chemistry students’ formation by a playful activity carried out in a Chemistry Jury format about the GC and its 12 principles. The methodology adopted in this second moment, of Chemistry Jury development, was the research- action which involves various phases such as problem investigation, action planning, development and process evaluation. From the data collected three analysis categories emerged. The first has a relation with the appropriation of the concepts involved in the 12 principles by the students, the second refers to the characters’ representation process by the students, and the third category relates to the GC in the critical environmental education perspective and the students’ simplistic view. In the face of the analysis made in this research it is inferred that the insertion of the GC theme is necessary, and its principles from the critical environmental education in the Chemistry students’ formation as well as the Chemistry Jury appears as teaching strategies that make the theme discussion possible with everyone’s participation in a classroom giving voice to the students and putting them as protagonists in the teaching and learning process.



COSTA, M. C. S. Abordagem dos princípios da Química Verde por meio do lúdico na formação ambiental de profissionais da química. 2018. 130 f. Dissertação (Metrado em Química) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2018.