Revisão sistemática da literatura sobre produtos usados no tratamento de feridas

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Every day an increasing volume of publications has been produced being necessary that these information are analyzed in order to make their application useful becoming the produced knowledge more easily used The systematic review of literature answers the necessity to synthesize the produced knowledge and to separate the excellent studies to the determined clinical question A great diversity of products for the treatment of wounds exists During practical ours we live deeply the difficulty of the professionals in deciding which is the best treatment which product will have greater effectiveness and associating the studies developed concerning the treatment of wounds to the practical clinic In order to contribute for the theoretical recital of taking care of nursing in the treatment of wounds we believe to be necessary to investigate in the scientific literature of the health area which are the best evidences gotten concerning the treatment of wounds The results of this research will be able to direct the assistance and education of nursing concerning the thematic one as well as generating new questions of research Thus we consider as objective to identify and to analyze scientific evidences concerning some products used in the treatment of wounds in human beings in published scientific articles in the languages Portuguese English or Spanish the 2004 enter the years of 1995 in the following database of the Virtual Library of Health (VLH): ADOLEC BDENF MEDCARIB MEDLINE This study is about the research of Systematic Revision of Literature Defined the object of the study tests of relevance had been elaborated (TR) After that by means of consultation to the DECs there had been adopted to unitermos and carried through search in literature in VLH The preliminary election of the references and summaries gotten in the search in database was carried through by means of the application of TRI for one of the researches considering criteria of inclusion and exclusion previously determined. Later TRII was applied to the references and summaries of articles and after that to articles in the complete one for two research of independent form To enclosed articles in this phase TRII was applied for two researchers of independent form and requested evaluation of two consultants for analysis of articles in which had disagreement between the researchers The decision of the consultants about the inclusion or exclusion of articles was sovereign Finally the enclosed articles had been submitted to the script of extraction of information of each article was constructed and later the general map of evidences identified for the diverse uses of the studied products was elaborated The total amount of joined article references was of 2906 With the application of the TRI it had a total of 1234 exclusions and 1672 inclusions The application of TRII resulted in a total of 1413 exclusions and 159 inclusions It was note possible to apply TRII in 100 articles for not having been joined in the national territory TR III resulted in 142 exclusions and 17 inclusions The joined evidences denote positive effect of the use of these products; being the majority of them classified them as evidence IB or either strong recommended for implementation in the studied circumstances



PEREIRA, Angela Lima. systematic literature review about products utilized in the treatment of wounds. 2006. 131 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Cuidado em Enfermagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2006.