Atividades grupais na atenção à saúde da mulher: revisão integrativa de 1980 a 2009

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The technology group constitutes in the assistance instruments of health, to give opportunity to the development in the autonomy of the subjects and value the human s relationship. Considering your wide use in the context of the attention in woman s health, this study had as its principal goal to synthesize the scientific production of the nursing nationals periodic about the use of the group activities in the importance of woman s health in the period of 1980 to 2009. For this study, it had been used an integrative review of the national literature publications in 15 nursing periodic, with minimum indexing in the LILACS. The gathering of data was fulfilled in July 2208 to January 2010. It was identified 183 articles, which after analyzed by a specific protocol, allowed 68 of these articles in this research. The analysis identified a biggest publication of these studies in the Nursing Brazilian Magazine (20.05%) and Texts & Contexts Nursing (16, 17%). As to the type of the articles, 61.76% were originals researches, desenvolved in the women presences, standing out the health promotion. The regional provenances of the authors are 45.59% Southeast region, 23.53% Northeast and South, 4.41% Midwest and 2.94% from North. Among the nursing authors that had a significant number of publications, (36.32%) were PhD, master (8.42%) were masters, concluding their master and PhD (15.79%) and undergraduate nursing students (14.21%). It s important to consider the number of the contributions in publications that comes from Ribeirão Preto/ USP Nursing School (20.59%) and from Ceará University (22.94%), although studies from 28 universities in the country had been identified and researched. Most studies had as authors nursing professionals (92.68%) and (7.32%) had had partnership with professionals from others categories, especially doctors and psychology. The most used relation themes in this research were health education and health promotion. The bibliographical references of the specific groups were mentioned in 70.58% of the articles and the focus of the group s techniques showed a bigger use of the groups educational activities and support groups. The descriptive analysis of the studies, led to the grouping of the groups interventions, giving visibility to understand the use of the group technology as a help in the intervention in woman s health, resulting in three categories: Groups activities for the health promotion; Groups activities in the attention of the woman s health in the gravitico puerperal cycle and Groups activities that gives support to woman with chronic diseases. The study identified mistakes in the priority area of the woman s health assistance, between them the black woman, Indian, countryside, prisoner, drug user, woman that suffer sexual violence, violence at home, among others. It was conclude that the group strategy grew considerably, the researches contributed to the knowledge building; it has positive influences to the nurses assistance in the woman s life and health care, as how the nurse acquired skill using this technology, this actions cited here was relevant to the national program that guide the woman s assistance. This study suggests the use of this technology in the benefits of the population and to the professional category.



CRISPIM, Zeile da Mota. Group activities in the importance of the woman health: integrative review in the period of 1980 to 2009. 2010. 134 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Cuidado em Enfermagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2010.