Humanização do cuidado no ambiente hospitalar: percepção de enfermeiros de um hospital universitário

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Humanizing healthcare assistance has become an emergent theme being discussed over decades, and in the most recent years such debates have become more intense regarding how to take more effective actions on care by valuing the human condition. Nurses are considered a key element to visibility of humanized care in the hospital setting due to their sensitivity to the perception of patient s subjectivity and for having the sense of care solidified under ethical humanistic values as the existential reason of their profession. This is a qualitative descriptive exploratory study aimed at analyzing the concept on humanized care the nurses working in hospital assistance have. It was conducted in a school hospital, located in Midwestern Brazil, with the participation of 27 nurses acting on inpatients direct assistance. Data was collected through semi-structured individual interviews and were submitted to the content thematic analysis.Thus, we have come up with four main categories and their subcategories revealing the respondents perception concerning care humanization in the hospital context, namely: conception of humanized care; caregivers conception under the humanized assistance perspective; the paradox of the humanized care in the hospital setting; echoes of the Permanent Education Project on relative practice and concepts to the humanizado care. By the end of this study, we have noticed that nurses have various perceptions concerning this issue, correlating, however, the humanized care to holistic approach regarding patients assistance. The ethical humanistic principles were described by all the respondents when expressing humanization of care related to feelings such as love, empathy, presence, communication, and attention. They identified at the institution several aspects favoring or making it harder the effectiveness of humanized care, however, they have stressed the internal availability of staff and their valuing in the humane dimension, through symmetric respect and dialogue between workers and managers as determinant to humanizing process. We present the continuing education project of the institution which aims at discussing the humanization of assistance in the hospital ambit as an important initiative enabling changes in staff concepts and attitudes in what patient care regards. Thus, some outcomes have been assessed so that these project contributions can be highlighted in the construction of concepts and practices related to humanizing care among nurses participating in such activities. In general, throughout the research we could see that the institution can count on committed, responsible, sensitive nurses motivated to contribute to the effectiveness of humanized care. Thinking about the complexity of the assistance humanization process, we become aware that implementing humanized care in the hospital setting requires a long way demanding successful strategies, not always easy, but feaxible.



SANTOS, Nilde Resplandes dos. Care Humanization in hospital settings: perceptions of nurses working at a school hospital. 2007. 163 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Cuidado em Enfermagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2007.