A formação contínua e o trabalho docente em escolas públicas de ensino médio em Jataí - GO

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This current paper, which is connected to the line of research: "Education, work and Social Movements", aims to analyze and understand the policies and the work of basic education teachers’ ongoing training attended by the State Under-secretariat for Education from Jataí in the context of the State Public High School in Goiás, from the current management of the State Education Secretariat (2011-2014). The research is a case study carried out in Jataí, involving three State Public High Schools. The participants of the study are 17 education professionals; among them 05 belong to the State Under-secretariat for Education and 12 work at schools where the survey was executed. The data collection occurred through the use of techniques such as interviews and documentary analysis. Many aspects concerning basic education teachers’ ongoing training were investigated, such as: the perception of ongoing education, the ongoing education in the context of teaching and training practices developed by the Under-secretariat. In general, the process of this investigative research identified that there are continuous training actions implemented by the Ministry of Education, developed by an educational team from its regional in Jataí, named Under-secretariat. It was noticed among the staff a concern in preparing managers of school units, and these ones are concerned about their teachers in order to develop pedagogical and administrative activities in compliance with the standards established by the Secretary of Education, recognizing the importance of training for both the school administration, and for improving the teachers’ performance. In the interviews with the ones involved in the research, it became clear their vision of a targeted ongoing education, mainly for the development of pedagogical practice, which is a very recurrent and this perception policies for the present ongoing education. These professionals realize the advances that this training has caused in the school educational activities, although they believe in the need of changing the current training model, becoming more focused on the teacher. In this context, while considering the relationship between ongoing education and teaching, the results pointed to a lasting process of intensification and casualization, marked by work overload, which sometimes has peaked at successive absences of professionals from social and familiar conviviality as well as in the participation in the educational activities proposed. However, if we understand that it is in the context of teachers' work that the ongoing training takes place, it becomes necessary to make conditions for teachers to rethink their teaching practice, thus allowing the relationship among continuing education, life and teaching, promoting a constant transformation of everyday school life in its entirety



FEITOSA, Claudinéia. A formação contínua e o trabalho docente em escolas públicas de ensino médio em Jataí - GO. 2014. 116 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2014.