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    Entre floras e terreiros: uma análise sobre a presença das lojas de artigos religiosos afro-brasileiros em Goiânia (1960-2023)
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-02-02) Dantas, Larissa Pereira; Langaro, Jiani Fernando; Nicolini, Cristiano; Langaro, Jiani Fernando
    The present article aims to explore the presence of Afro-Brazilian religious goods stores in the city of Goiânia since the 1960s. Through a literature review, we will conduct a historical analysis of the emergence of these stores in Brazil. Through a geographical survey and interviews with the owners, we seek to understand the changes that have occurred since the beginning of their presence in the capital of Goiás and how this type of commerce relates to Afro-Brazilian religions, and how both mutually influence each other. We aim to comprehend how the logic of the religious market in which these stores are situated functions, and to what extent it influences traditions within the religions themselves. Furthermore, we will explore how these stores relate to the surrounding society (neighbors and passersby) and what the boundaries are between religion and commerce for those who perceive them from the outside.