O Brasil nas telas: uma análise da cobertura jornalística em dois suportes

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This article is a continuation of a research project on journalistic genres developed in partnership between the Research Group Contemporary Journalism, Practices for Social Emancipation, of the PPGCOM/CÁSPER LÍBERO, and the Critical Media Reading Laboratory of the PPGCOM/UFG. The proposal includes the reflection about the interagenda-setting in the media related to the denunciations against President Temer and the coverage about the police action that removed addicts and traffickers of drugs – the so-called Cracolândia – from the downtown area of the city of São Paulo. The qualitative research, based on Content Analysis, observed and compared how the Jornal Nacional and the Agência Pública, which are two different media, present the social actors involved in these events. It was verified that, although using different approaches, the two media present a hegemonic discourse of state inefficiency and incapacity of ordinary citizens, reaffirming values and the status quo of Brazilian society.
Jornalismo, Jornalismo independente, Cidadania, Corrupção, Cracolândia, Journalism, Independent journalism, Citizenship, Corruption
TEMER, Ana Carolina Rocha Pessôa; SANTOS, Marli dos. O Brasil nas telas: uma análise da cobertura jornalística em dois suportes. Questões Transversais: revista de epistemologias da comunicação, v. 7, n. 13, p. 31-42, jan./jun. 2019.