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    Museu, além da bolha: estudo comunicacional dos públicos potenciais do museu antropológico da UFG
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-09-02) Freitas, Luiz Antonio Signates
    This text deals with a theoretical-empirical articulation of the notion of museum as an institution of communication, in terms of social museology and new museology. It is shown, initially, that the museality is essentially communicational, in what concerns mainly the disruptive character of temporalities of this institution. Then, the analysis is devised in a survey of potential audiences, established by qualitative research in the city of Goiânia, Brazil. It is concluded that the museum is a celebrated institution, but little known and, therefore, little valued and that the absence of active concepts of museum communication, such as "active public", "participatory exhibition" and "multiple temporalities", constituting one of the most typical contemporary challenges of museum institutions.
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    Um modo anacrônico de olhar as imagens das obras de intervenção urbana “Imagens posteriores”, “Giganto” e “Polaroides (in)visíveis”
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2017-12-28) Vidica, Ana Rita
    This communication intends to investigate the works of urban intervention "Imagens Posteriores" (2012-2013) by Patricia Gouvêa, "Giganto" (2009-2013) by Raquel Brust and "Polaroides (in)visíveis" (2005-2011) by Tom Lisbon from the anachronistic proposal of art historian Didi-Huberman, observing the production process of these works, founding on the walk, making the nomenclature "anachronias-process" emerge.
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    A expansão do mercado das agências de comunicação no Brasil
    (2009-06) Oliveira, Tiago Mainieri de
    Presentation of some research results regarding the PR industry in Brazil aiming to depict a PR firms overview. The main results highlight the size, the services, the focus, the scope and the tendencies of this sector.
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    O espelho e os narcisos – a imagem do público entre os jornalistas goianos
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2017-11-30) Umbelino Filho, José Eduardo Mendonça; Freitas, Luiz Antonio Signates
    This research intends to study how Goiânia´s press journalists define, understand and describe their audience. As a primary goal, the researchers seek to ascertain whether there is a shared image of the reader, which would be different from those images provided by the newspaper companies, the common-sense or other instances. Knowing that Media increases vagueness and doubt about to “whom we speak to”, we start from the premise that the journalists need to build up a picture of the audience. How they do it, based upon which cognitive subsidies, impressions or ideologies – that are relevant issues for this research.
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    Reflexões sobre a verdade a partir do prefacio de Origem do drama barrocoaAlemão de Walter Benjamin
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2016-12-31) Silva, Janinne Barcelos de Morais; Gomes, Suely Henrique de Aquino
    This paper discusses the scientific method and its relation with the Truth, based on the "Introductory Questions of Knowledge Criticism", raised on the preface of the book "The Origin of German Tragic Drama" by Walter Benjamin. Thinker of modernity, the German philosopher presents important considerations about the need to rescue the contemplation of ideas, as a legit way to approach man and Essence. Through analysis of its contents, without, however, any claim to completeness, we present the concept of Truth by Benjamin, in contrast with the methodical, measurable and deterministic approach of science, in order to stimulate reflections that illuminates the problems and limitations of the method.
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    Cidadania e mídia na perspectiva de Néstor García Canclini
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2014-07-22) Costa, Ana Manuela Arantes; Tuzzo, Simone Antoniaci
    This study proposes an analysis of the concept of citizenship and the influence of media to construction of this concept, from the review of works of the philosopher Néstor García Canclini. Through bibliographical analysis, were evaluated the conceptions of the author about hybrid cultures in the context of the countries of Latin America. Are also considered the analysis of consumption as a way to rethink the social sense, heterogeneous components of globalized cities and the proposal of revision of policies aimed at the public interest.
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    Jesus Martín Barbero e seus estudos de mediação na telenovela
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2014-03-28) Ribeiro, Luiza Carla; Tuzzo, Simone Antoniaci
    This paper aims to point out the main ideias of the author Jesus Martin Barbero, emphasizing this theory of mediation and studies the reception of soap operas. In this context, we use a theoretical studies support the author’ s understanding communication as a matter of culture, not restricted only to the sender sends and yes to the receiver understands the message and makes. To address the understanding of the issuer, another study raised in this study is the importance of the telenovela in the construction of individual identities and interaction with every day family due to issues portrayed, which mostly behind much of what the individual faces in real life. It is a literature that believes telenovelas go beyond entertainment. It is a literature that believes telenovelas go beyond entertainment.
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    Crítica, vida e teorias de Edgar Morin: recortes do cinema, massa e cidadania
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2014-03-28) Franco, Thiago Cardoso; Tuzzo, Simone Antoniaci
    Research on Edgar Morin is to comprehend that simplification is not self-sustaining as hegemonic. There is a greater system that requires knowledge about a global and complex culture. To cope with the difficulties of this issue is necessary to seek for the subject, wich is different from the individual; be aware of the differences between community and society; discover the social complexity. Thus, the complex is a set of elements part of interdependent systems. Maybe, after this analysis may be a local/global citizenship. To discuss this theme here is used the dialectical methodolody. This work aims to show a bit of Morin´s life in the aspects of citizenship, media and mass.
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    Cidadania e direitos humanos: uma percepção a partir da obra de Juan Díaz Bordenave
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2014-03-28) Adorno, Delfino Curado; Tuzzo, Simone Antoniaci
    This work aims to recover the trajectory of thought from communicational Juan Diaz Bordenave, with emphasis on Rural Communication. From references about the author, interviews granted by it and the analysis of his works, seeks to realize the historical context and theoretical ideas. Bordenave's work seems to acquire a new force in the present day, when analyzed under the heat of the greater society participation in the destiny of the nation, the growing wave of social protests in virtually all regions of Brazil, the Brazilian government's stance of resolving essential problems in the country and encouraging the democratization of new technologies such as social networks, the space in which the first demonstrations gained strength, themes very dear to the author, who came to be defined as a planter utopias.
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    O consumo de marcas de luxo pensando em Baudrillard
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2014-03-28) Tuzzo, Simone Antoniaci; Pires, Lara Guerreiro
    This paper is an attempt to discuss the luxury consumption from issues raised by the French sociologist Jean Baudrillard, author of books like "The System of Objects" and "The Consumer Society". To do so, specific points of consumer are adressed. They are: the object, the serialization of production, consumer, communication in this context, and those excluded from consumption. The actuality of Baudrillard’s propositions is explicit on the analysis of luxury market. As in the last century, when he wrote his first book of expression, the objects remain carriers of meanings beyond their technical functions.
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    José Marques de Melo e a escola latino-americana de comunicação: obra, pensamento e história
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2014-07-24) Figueiredo, Lívia Marques Ferrari de; Tuzzo, Simone Antoniaci
    This study proposes an understanding regarding the life and work of one of the theoretical precursors of Latin American School of Communication, José Marques de Melo . The paper also points out the main ideas and concepts developed by the author, revisiting some of his works. Through literature review, it became possible to draw an overview of research in the improvement of communications in regions of Latin America as well as the emergence and establishment of a Latin American School of Communication. The relevance of Marques de Melo for this thought is explained in this study, in addition to its contribution to the defense of journalism as a scientific field and independent knowledge. Your valuable approach, illustrating the importance of empiricism to the understanding of communication phenomena and the construction of scientific knowledge in the area, is elucidated in the work.
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    A idealização da natureza, do imaginado ao comemorado: os processos de simbolização em narrativas da identidade rural goiana
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2013-09-24) Christino, Daniel; Nogueira, Maria Francisca Magalhães; Limena, Maria Margarida Cavalcanti
    Research on Goiás's rural imagery of which aims to study and understand the motivations that lead the individual to pursue the countryside as a place of leisure and sociability, a state in which, culturally, rural characteristics predominate. Initially, it focuses on historical aspects with the purpose of reconstructing what actually existed in the imagination of the rural society from Goiás through recognized authors. The following interviews were performed with random rural tourists, whose mostly were tourists from rural areas, due to the predominance of existence of a rural status in the state. Data analysis shows the predominance of rural status in the state, but it is perceived changes in the re-establishment of the traditional symbolism on rural. We conclude that the Goiás rural imaginary is full of symbols originated from the rural tradition of Goiás, although in re building new meanings, reflections of a past aggregating the collective memory.
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    A comunicação pública como processo para o exercício da cidadania: o papel das mídias sociais na sociedade democrática
    (2011) Oliveira, Tiago Mainieri de; Ribeiro, Eva Márcia Arantes Ostrosky
    One could say that the society exercises its citizenship through public communication. For the purpose of reflecting on public communication in this context, the debate suggested in this text is pertinent. Considering a mediaintense society, one develops issues concerning the social media in the building of citizenship and its relevance in a democratic society.
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    Cine ritual: uma análise sobre o modo performático no documentário Orí (1989)
    (2020) Gama, Alessandra Regina; Nogueira, Lisandro Magalhães
    Starting from the distinction between documentary cinema and performance, what theoretical keys make it possible to analyse the performance mode in the documentary Orí? This aticle aims to address an analysis of the documentary directed by Rachel Gerber, in the light of cultural performances. By the conception of cinema as a vector of emancipation through the image, it is concluded that Orí aligns itself with the propositive idea of new aesthetic and political forms of documentary, in the diaspora.
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    O telejornalismo como ferramenta para a comunicação pública: estudo sobre a abordagem de casos de violência contra a mulher no telejornal “Bom Dia Goiás” da TV Anhanguera
    (2012) Ribeiro, Fernanda; Oliveira, Tiago Mainieri de
    En este artículo se describe la función social del periodismo, el alcance y credibilidad de las noticias de televisión y la posibilidad de utilizar este género televisivo como una herramienta para la comunicación pública. Para esto, es necesario entendimiento de la implementación y el desarrollo del periodismo de televisión en Brasil, conceptualizar la comunicación pública y la ciudadanía, así como un análisis de los canales que los individuos utilizan para informarse, así como las características de la comunicación de masas en especial la televisión y la necesidad de la existencia de comunicación pública para la ciudadanía. Este estudio también presenta un análisis de contenido noticiero “Bom Dia Goiás” TV Anhanguera - de Rede Globo revelando el enfoque del programa y el tipo de información transmitida a la población en un grave problema social, la violencia contra las mujeres.
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    A heterotopia do corpo bicha
    (2020) Oliveira, Mayllon Lyggon de Sousa; Gomes, Suely Henrique de Aquino; Costa, Deyvisson Pereira da
    ResumenVivimos en un período en el que las identidades ya no son capaces de abarcar todas las características y demarcaciones a las que están sujetos los individuos. El surgimiento y el descubrimiento de su propia sexualidad se han convertido más allá de un proceso subjetivo, un caleidoscopio que nos ayuda a comprender la organización de la sociedad misma. El propósito deeste artículo es pensar cómo el cuerpo bicha es otro espacio en esta organización social, ya que promueve una simbiosis entre lo que es ser una mujer / hombre, lo que lo caracterizaría como una heterotopía, expandiendo así el concepto de heterotopía propuesto por Foucault (2013).
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    Aspectos metodológicos da pesquisa empírica em comunicação organizacional e relações públicas: uma análise das assessorias de comunicação em Goiás-Brasil
    (2010) Tuzzo, Simone Antoniaci; Oliveira, Tiago Mainieri de
    The paper proposal is to present and discuss methodological aspects of empirical research in organizational communication and public relations. It is important for consolidation of a theoretical corpus in communication field, especially the effective integration in post graduate programs. In addition, it’s important the creation of research lines discussing the object of study in organizational communication and public relations. Analyze the methodological aspects of research that is produced is one step to consolidate the theoretical corpus of the area. The tradition of research in this field reveals an important contribution of empirical research in the consolidation of this field. The state of art shows some weakness of the field, as the research does not always bring the proper methodological explanation which hinders the advancement and consolidation of the area. In this sense, we take the methodological model proposed by Vassalo Lopes, as a model of reconstruction and interpretation of empirical research to analyze a survey regarding the organizational communication in the state of Goiás.
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    (Re)pensando a comunicação organizacional na era digital
    (2011-08) Oliveira, Tiago Mainieri de
    The organizational communication could be reconfigured in front of digital age possibilities. The discussion regarding digital technologies influences in the communication process its not limited on the media. Contextualizing this reflection in the organizational context is crucial. The communication phenomena understanding could conduct us to evaluate the changes in the communication process. The organizational environment reveals us some ingredients of that change. The organizational communication in organizational contexts in a digital age is the object from this reflection.
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    O uso das mídias sociais pelo governador do estado de Goiás: estratégia de marketing político ou comunicação pública?
    (2015) Ribeiro, Eva Márcia Arantes Ostrosky; Oliveira, Tiago Mainieri de
    This article reflects a graduate research the main objective of which is a study whether the social media could be a space for practice of public communication. For this we present the results of a case study of the Twitter of the governor of Goiás, Marconi Perillo. With this study one intends to highlight the discussion and debate of this theme that is considered to be nodal and recent in the area of communication.
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    A comunicação on-line na esfera pública da cidadania
    (2017-06) Oliveira, Tiago Mainieri de; Leite, Quezia de Alcantara Guimarães
    Anchored in the theoretical assumptions about the binomials Horizontal Communication, Public Sphere and Social Mobilizations to verify the practice of citizenship, this article aims to analyze theory and empirically the group called Frente de Luta Goiás Against the Increase of the Passage acted as One of the protagonists of demonstrations in Goiânia in 2013. Through Textual Analysis of Grounded Theory, documents were studied in which the characteristics of social mobilizations similar in other periods and places by the sociologist Castells were observed.