Intensidade dos processos antropogênicos no entorno do reservatório do Ribeirão João Leite – Goiás – Brasil

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The Ribeirão João Leite reservoir occupies part of municipalities of Goiânia, Nerópolis, Goianápolis and Teresópolis de Goiás areas. Its objective is the public water supply of Goiânia and large portion of your metropolitan region municipalities (MRM), foreseen until the year of 2025. Although your importance, the reservoir suffers several pressures of interests of multiple uses in your surroundings, which can compromise your life, on question of the quality and quantity of water for public supply. In this sense, the present article aims to map and identify the activities of land use and cover around the Ribeirão João Leite reservoir, from the perspective of evaluating your level of anthropic pressure. For such was made use of Digital Image Processing (IDP)techniques and GIS modeling. The results show that despite the presence of protected areas, like the Ecological Park Altamiro Moura Pacheco and State Park of João Leite, assist in containing the pressures surrounding the reservoir, 42,20% of your area presents considered degrading activities. Counting with the presence of an open air garbage deposit near him. Besides that, the conditions of the water courses that supply the reservoir are concerned too, with water sources already committed and conflicting situations in Permanent Preservation Areas (PPA).



Pressão antrópica, Uso da terra, Mapeamento, Abastecimento de água, Anthropic pressure, Land use and cover, Mapping, Water supply


SANTOS, Sara Alves dos; NUNES, Fabrizia Gioppo; SANTOS, Alex Mota dos. Intensidade dos processos antropogênicos no entorno do reservatório do Ribeirão João Leite – Goiás – Brasil. Revista do Departamento de Geografia, São Paulo, Brasil, v. 36, p. 63–76, 2018. DOI: 10.11606/rdg.v36i0.142709. Disponível em: Acesso em: 5 jul. 2024.