A gênese historiográfica linguístico-científica de Labov

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This article aims at showing William Labov’s intellectual and scientific trajectory. It is also our objective to highlight the importance of the scientific work of this author and the difficult path he walked until he found his true object of scientific interest. We also show that there is not, in scientific facts, accidents or coincidence, neither any innate factor; everything is composed of a historiographical individuality that is built upon the multiple experiences that all human beings accumulate during life, and in every new experience the old ones are crucial for decision-making. The working methods are produced by the combination of many other methods experienced and lived, and, at a certain time, developed. Labov must be seen as a singular person who had passion for science. His originality is to be found in his capacity to develop an approach of empirical objectivist character, the methods of which are similar to those of the exact sciences. Among the deep changes of behavior experienced by the North-American society in the 1960’s, Labov developed his most important researches which would, later, lead the claims for a new way of approaching Linguistics. Of the observation of these different elements, it can be said that this author’s linguistic thought should be understood as a product of his socio-individual history and that, in it, the essence of the general thought of a time is refracted.



Labov, Individualidade historiográfica, Gênese científica, Historiographical individuality, Scientific Genesis


MARRA, Daniel; MILANI, Sebastião Elias. A gênese historiográfica linguístico-científica de Labov. Linha D'Agua, São Paulo, v. 24, n. 1, p. 127-146, 2011.