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    Literatura e colaboração na sala de aula de língua inglesa em tempos de pandemia
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-06-14) Araújo, Evandro Rosa de; Figueiredo, Francisco José Quaresma de; Lago, Neuda Alves do
    This paper analyzes four collaborative English classes conducted by a teacher from a public school who used fairy tales to teach remotely while exploring WhatsApp and social networks to keep students interested in the subject. To generate the data, we transcribed one of the ninth-grade students’ interactions: an interview in which they expressed their impressions about the lessons and classroom observation notes. The results of the data analysis show that the students became highly motivated by having worked collaboratively because they could exchange opinions and points of view on the literary texts and better understand them by interacting with their peers.
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    Práticas identitárias não hegemônicas em sala de aula: um estudo com professoras/es em formação em um curso de Letras – Inglês
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-08-11) Pinho, Felipe Moreira Rebouças; Pessoa, Rosane Rocha
    We address the dichotomization of identity practices and ped agogical praxis of English teachers in training, with non-hegemonic sexu al and gender identities, between professional life (school environment) and private life (gender and sexuality identities) and their impacts on language education. The justification lies on the reflective imperative re garding teacher identity practices and their consequences in the class room. We interviewed six students of the Letras – English course at the Federal University of Goiás and questioned their opinions on this topic. We concluded that critical positions prevailed among the interviewees, which can lead to critical práxis in the contexts of these teachers’ work.
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    Linhas de força da literatura negra na poesia de Conceição Evaristo
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-04-08) Silva, Andressa Souza; Vieira Júnior, Paulo Antônio
    This study develops a reading of three poems by Conceição Evaristo. The poems are present in the book Poemas da recordação e outros movimentos (2017). “Vozes-mulheres”, “Fêmea-Fênix” and “Medos das dores do parto” are compositions that contain recurring caracteristics of black literature, like the practice of rewriting, the (re)construction of self-identity and the valorization of ancestral memory, elements that result in the literary formulation of the concept of blackness. The study is guided by the theoretical formulations of Zilá Bernd (1988, 1992), Octavio Paz (1982), Lélia Gonzalez (2019), bell hooks (1995) and Grada Kilomba (2019), besides others critical studies called upon in the development of the analyses.
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    Estilhaçando a máscara do silenciamento: a potente literatura negra de Conceição Evaristo
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-05-12) Dourado, Lorrany Andrade da Cruz; Camargo, Flávio Pereira
    This article aims to reflect on the formation of the Brazilian literary canon and discuss the concept of Black literature in view of the work of the Brazilian Black writer Conceição Evaristo. The canon is surrounded by a bubble of a-historicity, however, its formation is directly linked to the structure of the country’s society (REIS, 1992), which is racist, classist and cisheterossexist. Thus, it is perceived that this is composed mainly of white men. In this sense, Black literature shatters the mask of silence, since it breaks with the colonizing perspective taken on the Black people through literary production.
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    A reanálise fonético-fonológica na gramaticalização de [diski ] 1
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2011-03-02) Casseb-Galvão, Vânia Cristina
    This paper focuses on the phonetic-phonological reanalysis of the [diski ] grammaticalization process in the Brazilian-Portuguese language. Border restructuring as well as changes in the intonational contour and in the segmental realization of the source-form are some of the observed phenomena that suggest the development of a matrix predicate of an embedded clause in an evidential operator. Evidentiality refers to the notional domain related to the source of knowledge uttered in the proposition.
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    Lispector e Colasanti: o erotismo na ficção brasileira de autoria feminina
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2010-12-17) Borges, Luciana; Fonseca, Pedro Carlos Louzada
    This article aims to analyse short narratives in which the eroticism’s thematization consists of tension between shame and shameless in the act of narrating. It will analyse the construction of A via crucis do corpo (1974), by Clarice Lispector in correlation to the tale Menina de vermelho a caminho da Lua (1982; 1998), by Marina Colasanti. The narrator’s positions in relation to the topic told will be the guide of this study, once they appear, simultaneously, attracted by the subject and fearful about the facts that intend to compose in a narrative form.
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    Reconstruindo a memória: o retorno do mito da corriveau em la cage, de Anne Hébert
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2010-12-17) Pôrto, Lílian Virgínia; Aguiar, Ofir Bergemann de
    This paper investigates the ocurrence of the myth of Corriveau within Quebec’s tradition. Its objective is to verify how Anne Hébert’s rewriting of this figure differs from that offered mainly by texts of male authorship. Focus is given to the historic, mythic and literary destiny of Corriveau through an overview of distinct ways of her representation, followed by the analysis of three literary works: Les Anciens Canadiens (1867), by Philippe A. de Gaspé; Une Relique (1898), by Louis Fréchette, and La Cage (1990), by Anne Hébert.
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    As faces do amor em Otelo
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2010-12-17) Turchi, Maria Zaira
    The article analyses how in Shakespeare’s play Othello the relations among love, sexuality, marriage represent the heart of the tragedy, in a conflict that envolves spiritual love and sexual love – idealization and degradation.
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    Interação e diálogo no “terceiro lugar”: a formação da esfera de interculturalidade em aulas de inglês como L2/LE
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2011-03-22) Figueredo, Carla Janaína
    This article aims at reflecting about the way interaction and dialogue, two important conceptions discussed by Vygotsky and Bakhtin respectively, contribute with the formation of an intercultural sphere where the teacher and his students of English as a SL/FL reveal their cultural perspectives. This research is qualitative, and its findings point out that interaction and dialogue determine the recognition of the participants’ cultural dimensions as well as the ones from the target language-culture. The interactional and dialogical process generate new cultural perspectives, contributing to the intercultural competence development which is directly associated to learners and their English acquisition process.
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    A formação do professor de inglês nas grades curriculares anual e semestral do curso de letras da UFG
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2010-03-23) Pessoa, Rosane Rocha; Sebba, Maria Aparecida Yasbec; Gomes, Valdirene Maria de Araújo
    As a result of some changes in the Letras course curriculum at Universidade Federal de Goiás in 2004, this research was carried out in order to compare English students’ linguistic and theoretical-professional knowledge in the annual and semestral curricula based on the teachers’ and students’ perception. The results show that teachers believe students’ linguistic and theoretical professional knowledge is slightly better in the semestral curriculum, while the students’ data show it is similar in the two curricula.
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    A (des)ordem no sertão: violência e sobrevivência em grande sertão: veredas
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2010-01-08) Crispim, Regina; Santana, Rogério
    This article analyses two episodes from the novel Grande sertão: Veredas, written by João Guimarães Rosa: Zé Bebelo’s judgment and the pact made by Riobaldo. In the first episode, one examines the peculiar society constituted in the “sertão” by “coronéis” and “jagunços”; in the second one, the notion of pact is broadened beyond the symbolic deal made with the devil, showing its development as strategies of survival in an environment in which the apparent disorder reveals itself as the essence of the order devised and kept by violence.
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    Sobre a natureza dos nomes próprios toponímicos
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2010-03-23) Castro, Maria Célia Dias de; Aguiar, Maria Suelí de
    In this paper, we use classical theory about the nature of names and discuss in a historiographical way the philosophical thoughts that began these studies, starting from the Platonists in “Cratylus”, through Whitney’s discussion up to the always contemporary studies of Saussure. These authors discuss if the names are formed by natural justice (Physei) or by convention (Thesei). We relate this discussion to the toponymical names in the municipalities of Maranhão state. We then inter-relate the influence of the formal structure of the linguistic sign to the object that it represents in the process of naming.
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    Estágio curricular: a pesquisa como campo de conhecimento e formação docente em língua estrangeira
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2010-05-20) Mesquita, Deise Nanci de Castro
    This article analyses the oral statements of some under-graduate students who took part in seminars that aimed at discussing the role of Teacher-Training Practice (Estágio Supervisionado) in the process of becoming a foreign language educator. Motivated by the topics teaching-learning, theory-practice and action-research, which emerged from the discussions, a description of the debates is presented leading to the conclusion that one needs to have an attitude of investigation in order to improve as a professional teacher.
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    A saga do condado de yoknapatawpha: a apreensão de um mundo social em mutação
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2010-01-07) Grangeiro, Alessandra Carlos Costa; Camargo, Goiandira Ortiz de
    This article will point William Faulkner’ words that refer to saga of Yoknapatawpha: Sartoris, O som e a fúria, Absalão, Absalão, Os indomáveis, Réquiem para uma freira, Desça Moisés, O povoado, A cidade e A mansão. Reading these novels will demonstrate to us the extent of Faulkner’s fictionalization process, so them it is possible to grasp since the foundation of Jefferson, fictional town, through by donation of land to Sutpen, done by Chikasaw Indians, until the constitution of the domain of Snopes, real money makers, opposed to the fall of traditional families as is the case of Sartoris and Compsons. This path will be done by, firstly, Ian Watt’s considerations about the ascension of the novel, specially as for the time question. Later we will point the relation of the modernist techniques, used by Faulkner, with the historical context of USA: the end of the heroic phase of the bourgeoisie and with the Faulkner’s time conception; for these last two questions, we will base our considerations on Jean-Paul Sartre done in Sartoris, de William Faulkner and on Carlos Azevedo: Do modernismo em William Faulkner: As I Lay Dying.
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    Políticas linguísticas e a língua de sinais brasileira
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2018-07-06) Gonçalves Júnior, Josmar; Dórea, Yasmin Galvani Tonete; KluberKogut, Marcos; Souza, Luiz Cláudio da Silva
    This study aims at presenting some reflections on the language policies and the Brazilian Sign Language (Libras). It also addresses issues of plurilingualism in an attempt to identify the relationship between languages and power. What justifies this endeavor is the perception of the need to create linguistic policies that promote the diffusion of Libras, so that more people can take notice of it. The research was conducted through interviews with deaf students of the Libras Course of the Federal University of Goiás (UFG), Goiânia. It is expected that the considerations presented contribute to new reflections on plurilingualism, which is a fact in several countries, among which, Brazil.
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    A importância do português como segunda língua na formação do aluno surdo
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2016-02-01) Avelar, Thaís Fleury; Freitas, Karlla Patrícia de Souza
    The Deaf have difficulties in learning Portuguese, they should learn the Portuguese language as a second language, which does not always happen. Portuguese for deaf learners should be taught in Libras, the first language of the deaf student, so they can better understand reading and writing. One focus of this research is the problems faced by teachers with the inclusion of deaf students and the difficulties these students with reading and writing in Portuguese. The main objective of this work is therefore to investigate the difficulties of the deaf students in learning the Portuguese language, through interviews with students from the College School Elysio Campos, the Deaf Association of Goiás (ASG) and the Goiânia Lyceum State College. The writing practice by the reading experience is a necessary development and it is present in the bilingual proposal incorporating the Portuguese as a second language. It is noteworthy that the bilingual approach, with use of Sign Language and Portuguese, helps to improve the development of deaf students because when they meet in their natural language, the meaning of words, they learn faster. Thus, learning can occur through two different methodologies: Portuguese as a foreign language or as a second language.
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    Uma proposta para a promoção do português brasileiro em contexto europeu não lusófono: aspectos didáticos, políticos, econômicos, sociais e linguísticos
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2014-08-11) Casseb-Galvão, Vânia Cristina
    This article presents a proposal for the dissemination of language and Brazilian culture in non-Lusophone European context. Considering the increase in interest in Brazil, its culture and language in various European regions, it is intended, from studies that consider the variant of the Brazilian Portuguese spoken in Goiás, to establish an international agreement between the College of Letters UFG and Del Salento University, based in Lecce in southern Italy, a region in which the interest in Brazilian Portuguese has increased. The idea is to promote seminars, schools of higher learning, short courses, internships, graduate students and post-doctoral, always taking Brazilian Portuguese as the axis. In this article, we present the relevance of the proposal, its theoretical and methodological support and some expected results.
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    Narrativas mítica, literária e histórica e a busca de sentido no conto de Bernardo Élis, A Virgem Santíssima no quarto de Joana
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2014-11-12) Santos, Leila Borges Dias
    Mythical, Literary and historical narratives hold in common the search for meaning and transcendence, humanizing time and the world. Their similarities and interdependencies lie in Mircea Eliade’s analyses of myth and in the relationship between Paul Ricoeur’s literary and historical narratives and the notions of configuration and reconfiguration. In addition, the analyses made by historians about sensibilities, subjectivities, popular catholicism and memory are all applied to the aforementioned Élis tale.
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    A noção de sujeito na abordagem discursiva de Norman Fairclough
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2014-12-22) Costa, Alexandre Ferreira da; Castro, Luciana Cavalcante de
    In this paper, we discuss the process of appropriation of aspects of Foucault’s archeology and Bakhtin’s dialogism in developing the concept of subject in the discursive approach of Norman Fairclough. We focus Foucauldian notions of subject position and dispersion and its relationship with the categories derived by Fairclough in the work of Bakhtin, as discourse genre and eventicity, as well as its interaction with the contributions of Pierre Bourdieu and Michael Halliday. We believe that the incorporation of these categories is given by the maintenance treatment of structural discursive phenomena, without being neglected aspects in the study of dialogic interaction contexts.
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    Hibridismo intergêneros em “suíte do couro ou louvação do couro” de Gerardo Mello Mourão
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2011-11-08) Silva, Caroline Tavares da; Souza, Jamesson Buarque de
    This paper studies the hybridism inter-genre in the poem Suite do courooulouvacao do couro (The leather’s suite or the leather’s laudation), by Gerardo Mello Mourao. The study shows that this poem presents the epic and the lyric genres’s consubstantiation. In this point we showed that the hybridism isn’t considered as the genres’s juxtaposition or agglutination, but as the presence of “one-in-the-other-in-the-one”, which creates something new.