Qualidade ambiental do município de Imperatriz-MA: uma análise multicritério de indicadores intra-urbanos

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This study aims to assess the environmental quality of the city of Imperatriz-MA, using integrative approaches to data from the physical-structural and census media.To prepare the environmental quality It wasconsidered aspects related to the lack ofessential public services such as basic sanitation;demographic density, degree of urbanization and verticalization of buildings; difficulty of urban mobility,represented by traffic flow; scarcity or absence of tree and shrub vegetation and public leisure spaces; in addition to geomorphological factors such as floodingand floodingrisk areas. The methodology includes bibliographic survey, use of census data,as well as primary data from thedigital processing ofremote sensing images.The synthesis map of urban environmental quality wereperformed through Multicriteria Analysis bythe summation of the variables that represent negative indicators, that is, those unfavorable to environmental quality. The municipality of Imperatriz presentedindexes point tovalues that position the municipality in an intermediate environmental quality range, encompassing the equivalent of 78.37% of the mapped area. In this scenario concluded that the closer to the urban core, the environmental quality is more precarious, due to the greater sum of negative variables found in these regions the oldest neighborhoods in the city.



Mapeamento, Gestão urbana, Bem-estar social, Mapping, Urban management, Social welfare


SANTOS, Rodrigo Lima; NUNES, Fabrizia Gioppo; SANTOS, Alex Mota dos. Qualidade ambiental do município de Imperatriz-MA: uma análise multicritério de indicadores intra-urbanos. Caminhos de Geografia, Uberlândia, v. 21, n. 78, p. 01–20, 2020. DOI: 10.14393/RCG217850883. Disponível em: https://seer.ufu.br/index.php/caminhosdegeografia/article/view/50883. Acesso em: 5 jul. 2024.